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Looking for Japan itinerary inspiration?

At Rail Plus we pride ourselves on being rail experts. Our expertise and years of experience has taught us many things but the most important thing is that there is never a ‘one type fits all’ approach to travel.

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Bordeaux, your gateway to vineyards

Any good gastronomic indulgence should be paired with the finest of wines and what better place to combine the two than in the renowned and charming city of Bordeaux. 

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Visit Vancouver, the City Surrounded by Nature

When dreaming of traveling in Canada, thoughts of unmatched natural beauty, wild landscapes and a nature lovers paradise automatically come to mind.

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Chase the Cherry Blossom Trail by Rail

Japan's cherry blossom season is a truly magical experience, where national parks and iconic castles are transformed by seas of pink, white and red flowers. With a Japan Rail Pass you can enjoy this breathtakingly beautiful phenomenon, while discovering the many other highlights of the land of the rising sun.

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Making the Most of your Time in London

There is little doubt as to why London continues to top the list of favourite travel destinations for Australian and New Zealand holiday makers.  London is a city that is alive and vibrant. This fascinating cultural melting pot buzzes night and day with an unforgettable energy. Boasting a history that is rich and full of intrigue and home to some of the world’s best galleries and museums, it’s easy to see why London is attracting more visitors with each passing year.

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Exploring the City of Romance

For romantics, France is the ultimate must do on all travel bucket lists. Whilst the iconic capital is well known as the City of Love, diehard romantics mustn’t overlook the equally beautiful and more intimate Strasbourg, the City of Romance

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