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Why non-skiers love Winter in Canada

Aussies love a winter wonderland but not all of us want to experience it while flying down a mountain on two skis. Enter Canada! With its turquoise frozen lakes, festivals, and snowmen aplenty, it’s little wonder Canada has become the hot spot for wintry magic sans skis. Read on for ten reasons why winter in Canada feels like a real-life snow dome.

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How to explore Canada by road and rail

When you're exploring a country as visually spectacular as Canada you want to be as close to the ground as possible. Hire a car for the road trip of a lifetime, or ride the rails and traverse Canada's diverse landscapes by train. Better still? Combine the two and you're in for an unforgettable adventure. Read on to find out how you can travel from British Columbia in the west to Nova Scotia in the east without setting foot in a domestic airport. 

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Poland, the place to be

Located right in the middle of Europe with good access to the Baltic Sea is a country that continues to develop into a modern, vibrant and progressive state based on centuries-old traditions. Most travellers are connected with natural environment, historic sites and cultural events. If you want to experience old traditions Poland is the place to be.

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Discover the old and the new in Germany

Be enlightened by Germany's rich history and culture with many of its natural wonders it has to offer from the Black Forest, Bavarian Alps, and The Barbarossa Cave to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Discover the old and the new and be blown away by the natural beauty of the country and see why Germany is so popular nowadays.

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Norway awaits!

Norway is truly one of the natural wonders of the world from the Fjords to the Midnight Sun. One of the richest countries covered mainly by forests, many rivers and lakes. It's a place of old fashioned fishing villages, medieval stave churches, its breathtaking majestic fjords and more.

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How to book the cheapest train tickets in Europe

Traveling by train is comfortable, exciting, convenient, and very often the cheapest way to get from A to B in Europe. Our Train Ticket Search Engine does a great job of finding the best deals, but there are a few extra tips that can help you save even more.

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