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All about the new Eurostar service to Amsterdam

Most likely one of the biggest rail stories of the year is finally becoming a reality. Eurostar is starting a direct service from London to Amsterdam with stops in Brussels and Rotterdam. Here are a few key points you should know:

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Destination of the week: France

France is known for its beautiful cities, stunning countryside, unique architecture and delicious wine and food! With so many bucket list destinations and a state of the art rail network linking most destinations and Europe beyond, why would you travel any other way?

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Jasper to Prince George and Prince Rupert by train

A journey between Jasper, Alberta, and Prince Rupert, BC, is an amazing one which many travellers decide to do by car, however, there is a much more enjoyable way to travel - by train of course. VIA Rail runs the Jasper-Prince Rupert train, which is also known as "The Skeena" or "The Rupert Rocket", three times weekly, which connects nicely with The Canadian.

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Destination of the week: Netherlands

The Netherlands - a tiny country that packs a lot, also when it comes to trains, which are fast, efficient and comfortable. They serve domestic destinations at regular intervals, even up to 6 times an hour. You can easily connect to international destinations - take the IC/ICE train to Berlin, Frankfurt or Dusseldorf; hop on the IC train or Thalys to Brussels or continue on all the way to Paris.

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Destination of the week: UK

The UK train network reaches out to virtually every corner of England, Wales and Scotland, which makes discovering the country amazingly simple. To mate things even more convenient, grab a BritRail pass, which gives you unlimited access to the entire National Rail network. And since seat reservations are not required, you can simply hop on any train you want without any extra cost.

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9 useful rail maps featured in our new brochure

Our whole office smells like new brochures! They have been completely redesigned with one goal in mind - to inspire travellers, travel agents and ourselves to discover the world by train. One great feature that we decided to expose this year are maps - an amazing tool that not only gives you a quick glance at your future travel plans but also makes it easy to explain, understand, and book trains across the globe.

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