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5 Great Reasons to see Australia by train aboard the Indian Pacific

The Legendary Ghan's Top 3 Off-train Experiences

A ride on the legendary Ghan is one of adventure, relaxation and breathtaking sights. When you’re not gazing at the expanse of sunburnt desert from the window of your luxury cabin, feasting on a sumptuous set meal in the delightful Queen Adelaide Restaurant (or Platinum Club dining cart) or exchanging stories with fellow travellers.

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5 Reasons Why Platinum Service Is the Only Way to Travel: The Ghan and Indian Pacific

Whether you're rewarding yourself with a retirement getaway or simply want to see more of your own backyard, Australia's luxury rail journeys are the perfect way to experience the most dramatic landscapes in style.

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Take a break aboard The Overland: Part 2 - Adelaide

On our last look into Australian train travel, we explored the Overland service that runs between Melbourne and Adelaide. You may be surprised to know that this historic trip started back in 1887 as the Intercolonial Express, when the rail lines between the two states were joined. Just short of 40 years later, The Overland as we know it was born.

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How a Ride on the Ghan Will Change Your Life

Take a break aboard The Overland: Part 1 - Departing Melbourne

One of the great things about Australia is how in a relatively short distance, you can see the landscape transform before your eyes that is if you're travelling on-board The Overland. While flying from one destination to the next is a lot faster, you can miss out on the joy of travelling with locals and seeing the sights from a train window. Which would you rather see, clouds, or the ever-changing landscapes from lush green pastures to wheat and canola fields to rugged edges of The Grampians? 

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