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3 Reasons to Travel by Train from Coast to Coast in Canada

Canada is a vast country famous for its pristine landscapes and unique natural attractions. As a traveller, accessing the wild heart of Canada can be difficult, as the country is so immense and the wilderness so varied that the traditional daytrip out of a city like Vancouver or Toronto is unlikely to encapsulate the breadth of natural beauty that Canada has to offer. When it comes to negotiating a country of this size, rail travel is the best way to go and the Canadian Trails (ex Vancouver) is a 9 day /8-night long journey that will let you appreciate the breadth of natural beauty, culture and history contained between the country’s two coasts. This week, we take a look at three good reasons why this coast to coast rail journey is one of the best ways to travel through Canada.

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Peaks & Glaciers: 4 Delightful Days in the Canadian Rockies

Every avid traveller should visit Canada at least once to bear witness to its unrivalled natural beauty. Canada is brimming with incredible vistas and a great way to experience these magnificent sights is via rail. Take a whirlwind journey through the Canadian Rockies with VIA Rail’s Peaks & Glaciers package and watch as snow-capped peaks transform into vast, glistening glaciers before your very eyes. This 4 day, 3 night journey will take you from Vancouver through to Calgary (or vice versa) both on VIA Rail’s famed ‘Canadian’ train and by coach. It is perfect for travellers wanting to experience some of Canada's most iconic views. 

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3 of Canada's Most Breathtaking National Parks

Canada’s national parks are glorious gateways to many of the country’s natural wonders and offer an extraordinary diversity of landscapes, from expansive glaciers and thundering waterfalls to verdant forests and glistening mountain lakes. There are over 40 national parks in Canada, all boasting a wealth of flora, fauna, and exciting opportunities for outdoor recreation.

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5 Reasons Why Prestige Counts When Travelling Aboard The Canadian

Officially launched in spring 2015, Prestige Class boasts simple elegance and premium comfort. If you are planning to travel between Toronto and Vancouver, here are 5 fabulous reasons you should consider opting for Prestige Class on VIA Rail's The Canadian.

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What to Pack for Your Epic Train Adventure on the Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer has been hailed by many as "one of the world's best life-changing trips" and the "world's leading travel experience by train". From breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and glacier-fed lake to 5-star dining and white-glove service, this is a journey that will exceed your expectations and leave you with a suitcase of memories you'll treasure forever.

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5 Reasons to Experience the Rocky Mountaineer in Spring

In the Canadian Rockies the beginning of spring sees the winter snow begin to melt, wildflowers begin to bloom and the days become longer.

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