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The breathtaking Pyrenees in Summer

For this European summer, our focus is on the stunning areas surrounding the breathtaking Pyrenees.

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Exploring Gaudís Barcelona

Known as the great master of Catalan Modernism, no single architect could be said to have had the kind of influence over the aesthetics of Barcelona than Antoni Gaudí did. A quiet, pious man, Gaudí dedicated his life to finding a new architectural language, primarily drawing inspiration from nature, and the result is a city filled with bold Modernisime styled buildings characterised by organic shapes, bright colours, and ornamental details. Gaudí’s buildings and public works are the embodiment of Barcelona’s unique Catalan identity, imbuing the streets with a certain bohemian energy and charm that makes it unlike any other European city. This week, we take a look at some of the architectural highlights of Gaudí’s Barcelona, which you should add to your 2017 European rail travel itinerary.

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6 of Europes Best Christmas Markets

Europe is without a doubt, the home of Christmas culture. Almost all of the folklore and traditions we engage with at this time of year have their origins in snowy northern European countries, where for hundreds of years people have celebrated Christmas by decorating pine or fir trees, baking sweet treats like gingerbread, and telling their children stories of a ruddy faced old man who stole down the chimney at night and left them presents.

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Explore the Natural Beauty of The Balkans with a Two Country Select Eurail Pass

Europe is an eclectic mix of multifaceted countries, each with their own distinct culture, history, cuisine and defining landmarks. While many flock to Europe to visit iconic cities like Paris, London, and Rome, there are just as many fantastic destinations to explore as you head further east. If you’re a great admirer of natural beauty, then the Eastern European countries of Croatia, SloveniaSerbia, and Montenegro should be next on your travel bucket list. Read on for some incredible examples of the natural wonders to be found in these countries, and how to reach them using a Eurail Two Country Select Pass (Croatia/Slovenia and Serbia/Montenegro).

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4 Essential Winter Experiences in Japan

Japan is famous for its cultural engagement with, and contemplation of, the natural world, so it will come as no surprise to know that winter in the land of the rising sun is celebrated like nowhere else on earth. There are dozens of winter festivals and events scattered all over the northern part of Honshu and and northernmost Island of Hokkaido, all of which are made easy to access with the JR Pass. This week, we take a look at four essential experiences to seek out if you’re in Japan over the winter months.

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4 Stunning Japanese Cities You've Never Heard Of

If you’re researching a trip to Japan, then you’ve probably read plenty about the tranquil parks and shrines of Kyoto, and the neon exuberance of Tokyo, but there’s more to the beauty of Japan than its capital cities. This week, we explore the beauty of four lesser known cities and towns that you can visit using the Japan Rail Pass.

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