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Destination of the week: Austria

There is no better way to discover Austria than by train - explore stunning mountains, verdant alpine meadows and quaint villages with OBB.

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Why is the Swiss Travel Pass so awesome?

The Swiss Travel System is one of the most amazing ways to explore Switzerland's cities, towns, mountains, lakes and over 500 museums - all with a single ticket - behold the Swiss Travel Pass. Be independent, flexible and comfortable.

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Destination of the week: Italy

Italy - one of the most popular destinations in Europe has it all - mountains and lakes in the North, beaches all around, enough history to satisfy even the biggest buffs, and of course the food. If you want to tick off all the major spots around the country, take advantage of the Italian rail network that's not only fast but extremely affordable.

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Destination of the week: Spain

Spain - the country of passionate people, delicious food, colourful history, and diverse landscape - best explored by train. There are over 15,000 km of train tracks with over 1,000 km running high-speed services. The main carrier is Renfe that operates several different services, including the famously fast AVE.

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Destination of the week: Germany

The German Rail network is the biggest rail network in Europe - it has over 5000 stations and over 41,000 km of train tracks, so you can easily reach any part of the country quickly and efficiently.

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The Sweet Ride Around Europe

Who doesn't like a sweet treat, right? Let's be honest, it's what many of us live for!

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