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Exploring the heart of the Balkans

Located in South-Eastern Europe you will find one of the least visited countries. However the extraordinary diverse nature, consisting of spectacular river valleys, basins and mountains, the ancient history, the rich cultural heritage and the hospitable contemporary people are what make Bulgaria so unique.

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A compact country perfect for nature lovers

The Slovak Republic may be territorially compact but if offers travellers a continents worth of possibilities from year-round outdoor pursuits in seven national parks to relaxing in ancient spa towns or wandering romantic streetscapes among fairy tale rooflines that mirror the alpine countryside.

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Croatia is Calling!

Bordering the Adriatic Sea is a country that has become a popular summer destination. The beauty of Croatia's natural environment, amazing beaches with crystal clear waters, its rare blend of glamour, its cultural treasures, ancient architecture and time listed folk traditions make this one of Europe's "it" destinations.

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Swedish adventures await!

Sweden is known to be one of the most attractive destinations with its unique natural and cultural heritage and foreign city life. It has abundant natural resources to offer like clean water, fresh air, open space, beautiful and fresh nature and adventure lands, definitely a perfect destination for an active vacation whether you want to experience the wilderness, adventure through history or sail along the sandy beaches.

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Welcome to the castle capital of the world!

A country you will surely find magical as you discover the countless gems of history, unique monuments, modern architecture to experiencing the diverse countryside that is protected in national parks and protected landscape areas. You will have the time of your life in The Czech Republic as you experience the land and people who surely know how to live.

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Switzerland, best explored by train

The country that is well known for its watches, cheese and chocolate, but that is not all. The snow capped mountains, serene lakes and green valley's makes Switzerland in awe aspiring experience. From their natural beauty to their wines, Swiss wines are well known for their diversity and high quality. Looking to discover nature at its best? Switzerland is your destination.

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