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Italy - The Comprehensive Food Guide

Italy - just a mere mention of the boot-shaped country evokes visions of delectable pizza, freshly cooked pasta and creamy gelato. A country where extra belt holes are a necessity and carbo-loading is a sport, Italy is a food lover's paradise. Eating is a huge part of the Italian culture and mealtimes are not just for refuelling your body but a way of life. There's no better way to really experience the Italian culture than to slow down, taste your food and feel the love because at the end of the day in Italy - food equals love.

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Grand Train Tour of Italy

Italy is a HOT destination! But of course, you knew that already.

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15 Underrated Destinations for the FOMO in You!

When planning a trip to Europe, the usual and rather predictable cities of Paris, London, Rome, Amsterdam or Barcelona often come to mind. And for good reason, too! They are, after all some of the most fun and vibrant capitals with lots to see, do and experience. But what if you're after places that are equally fun, but with less people ruining your selfies?

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A royal train journey through the UK

The Royal Wedding is upon us! To celebrate the important event, we have created a train journey that will take you through the royal highlights of the UK. Grab a BritRail pass and simply hop on any train you want.

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What's the deal with the booking horizons and timetables changes?

Navigating the European train ticket booking system can be confusing for non-Europeans vacationers trying to plan their holidays months before their trip. But there is a method to the madness - and, once you figure it out, booking train tickets becomes a much smoother process!

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Destination of the week: Norway

Norway is full of natural wonders of the world: from the Fjords to the Midnight Sun. The rich country is covered mainly by forests, many rivers and lakes. It's a place of old-fashioned fishing villages, medieval churches, the breathtaking majestic fjords and more.

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