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All about the new Eurostar service to Amsterdam

Most likely one of the biggest rail stories of the year is finally becoming a reality. Eurostar is starting a direct service from London to Amsterdam with stops in Brussels and Rotterdam. Here are a few key points you should know:

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Destination of the week: France

France is known for its beautiful cities, stunning countryside, unique architecture and delicious wine and food! With so many bucket list destinations and a state of the art rail network linking most destinations and Europe beyond, why would you travel any other way?

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Destination of the week: Netherlands

The Netherlands - a tiny country that packs a lot, also when it comes to trains, which are fast, efficient and comfortable. They serve domestic destinations at regular intervals, even up to 6 times an hour. You can easily connect to international destinations - take the IC/ICE train to Berlin, Frankfurt or Dusseldorf; hop on the IC train or Thalys to Brussels or continue on all the way to Paris.

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5 mistakes to avoid when booking trains

Mistakes happen - especially when you are in a rush to book your next train journey. We have looked at some of the most common mistakes that happen and provided a couple of tips on how to avoid them.

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The ins and outs of Ireland

The brooding landscapes of Ireland are as moody as a Clannad soundtrack. Phantoms of the past haunt the isolated rocky forts and Stone Age burial grounds around the tempestuous coast. Rolling mists shroud the stone-walls and old towns of the verdant interior. Simply put, Eire is as eerie as any country gets.

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Discover the old and the new in Germany

Be enlightened by Germany's rich history and culture with many of its natural wonders it has to offer from the Black Forest, Bavarian Alps, and The Barbarossa Cave to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Discover the old and the new and be blown away by the natural beauty of the country and see why Germany is so popular nowadays.

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