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Relive the golden age of rail

Some rail journeys are electrifyingly fast, others take their time to roll through beautiful or exotic landscapes. And then there are those that take their passengers to another world, ones in which the glamour, elegance and romance of rail’s golden age still lives on.

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3 Reasons to Travel by Train from Coast to Coast in Canada

Canada is a vast country famous for its pristine landscapes and unique natural attractions. As a traveller, accessing the wild heart of Canada can be difficult, as the country is so immense and the wilderness so varied that the traditional daytrip out of a city like Vancouver or Toronto is unlikely to encapsulate the breadth of natural beauty that Canada has to offer. When it comes to negotiating a country of this size, rail travel is the best way to go and the Canadian Trails (ex Vancouver) is a 9 day /8-night long journey that will let you appreciate the breadth of natural beauty, culture and history contained between the country’s two coasts. This week, we take a look at three good reasons why this coast to coast rail journey is one of the best ways to travel through Canada.

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Why a trip on Belmond British Pullman is the perfect escape from London

When you holiday in a big cosmopolitan city like London there’s never a dull moment with innumerable experiences and sights to seek out every hour of the day or night. However, sometimes the endless variables of a big city can become overwhelming and make you crave life at a simpler, slower pace. For those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of London for a day, a trip aboard the vintage Belmond British Pullman luxury train is the perfect antidote to big city life.

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3 Reasons to Travel Through India on the Deccan Odyssey

Belmond Grand Hibernian: Irelands first luxury train!

Although plane travel has become increasingly accessible over the years, there’s something about the mystique of luxury rail travel that simply cannot be beat. Now lovers of deluxe rail travel have a new train route to add to their bucket lists with the opening of Belmond Grand Hibernian, Ireland’s first luxury train. This magical rail journey traverses through the stunning Irish countryside and offers the perfect blend of scenic landscapes and fascinating history, punctuated by exceptional service, luxurious amenities, and sumptuous meals. Step aboard The Grand Hibernian to learn more about this fantastic rail journey, including itineraries, some of the standout scenery, and a full list of inclusions.

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4 Australian Epicurean Experiences Aboard the Indian Pacific

It’s a common misconception that Australia lacks an authentic culinary culture. Whilst the land down under is famous for barbecues, beer, lamingtons, Pavlova, and meat pies, most of these are culinary extractions from other cultures, and Australia is often criticised for lacking it’s own unique ‘flavour’. Whilst the culinary traditions of Australia might not be as obvious as China’s dumplings or Italy’s pizza, it does exist, and a trip on the Indian Pacific is the perfect opportunity to experience it. This week, we run through four truly Australian gastronomic experiences you can discover on this rail journey.

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