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5 Fabulous Reasons to Embark on The Ghan Expedition

Many Australians lament the fact that theyve never seen their country and the natural landmarks like Uluru which its famous for. Admittedly, organising a trip through Australias red centre on your own can be daunting, but a luxury rail journey aboard The Ghan on the other hand is the perfect, stress free way to take in the countrys epic desert landscape. This week, we take a look at five fabulous reasons why The Ghan Expedition should be on your holiday bucket list.

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Top 3 things to see on your train trip in Italy

Welcome to Italy by rail! If you get it right, travelling in the bel paese (beautiful country) is best seen by train. The French may brag about the romance of Paris, but Italy's well known delicious cuisine and rich culture has an allure unto its own. All you'll need is a suitcase of necessities and a rail pass to help you get around on a whim.

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5 train travel tips for 5 countries in Europe

When you embark on a European rail adventure you have the luxury of visiting many countries in oneor two days.

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Three reasons you need to get a Swiss Travel Pass

Picture this - sprawling green hills topped with lush forests, surrounded by serene blue lakes.

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5 Reasons Why Platinum Service Is the Only Way to Travel: The Ghan and Indian Pacific

Whether you're rewarding yourself with a retirement getaway or simply want to see more of your own backyard, Australia's luxury rail journeys are the perfect way to experience the most dramatic landscapes in style.

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United Kingdom by Rail with a Britrail Pass

The most rewarding and relaxing way to see Britain is by train. Though the United Kingdom has its own Rail Pass and isn't included in the Eurail version, we couldn't resist mentioning it.  

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