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Picturesque Portugal

There is a lot more to this tiny nation than meets the eye. This country has a very long history as a seafaring culture, most renowned for its food and fortified wines. You can explore sun-splashed beaches, visit a fairytale castle, vineyards tumbling down the hillsides, islands that make your travel a great experience. Portugal has something for everyone.

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5 reasons to visit Europe in the off-season

Summer is a great time to be in Europe! Warm weather, the beaches, gelato, comfortable clothes, long days, and lots of events and festivals. Not to mention it gives us a chance to escape the colder weather here in Australia. Unfortunately, everybody wants the same experience, which makes most European destinations crowded with travellers from all over the world. Next time consider planning your trip during one of the quieter seasons to get a more authentic and enjoyable experience. Here are top 5 reasons to visit Europe in the off-season:

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Slowing down in Slovenia

Slovenia sits on the sunny side of the Alps, with an Adriatic coastline for a doorstep and the green Pannonian plains for a welcome mat. Over-endowed with spectacular mountains cut through with small wild rivers and thick forests; well-preserved medieval towns boasting baroque architecture and gothic churches, Slovenia is like Europe in a teacup, proof that good things come in small parcels.

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Things to know before you go: Japan

Planning on heading to Japan? Read our overview of key insights, seasons and events to plan your next trip around!

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Getting to know Greece

Greece is known to be the birthplace of the Olympics, the home of Hercules, Zeus and other God's. One of the places in the world that have so much history, culture, archaeological museums and collections spread across the country and its vivid lifestyle are what makes Greece so unique.

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Travelling In Northern Kyushu

Get set to explore the Northern Kyushu region when you purchase a JR Northern Kyushu pass, giving you the chance to discover breathtaking attractions in Beppu, Kumamoto, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Oita and more.

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