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5 mistakes to avoid when booking trains

Mistakes happen - especially when you are in a rush to book your next train journey. We have looked at some of the most common mistakes that happen and provided a couple of tips on how to avoid them.

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The Ghan on SBS

Australia's Greatest Train Journey is coming to TV screens this week. SBS is broadcasting a special three-hour event that will take you on a journey across the country - from Adelaide to Darwin. Become a part of the "Slow TV" movement and get inspired to embark on the train yourself.

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Best of 2017

The year is ending and it's time for us to look back at the year that was. We have created a list of the most popular train journeys and a list of the best-selling scenic and luxury experiences of 2017. And it's important to look ahead and plan for the future, so we've added a list of the top 5 emerging destinations for 2018. Let's go!

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The ins and outs of Ireland

The brooding landscapes of Ireland are as moody as a Clannad soundtrack. Phantoms of the past haunt the isolated rocky forts and Stone Age burial grounds around the tempestuous coast. Rolling mists shroud the stone-walls and old towns of the verdant interior. Simply put, Eire is as eerie as any country gets.

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Why non-skiers love Winter in Canada

Aussies love a winter wonderland but not all of us want to experience it while flying down a mountain on two skis. Enter Canada! With its turquoise frozen lakes, festivals, and snowmen aplenty, it’s little wonder Canada has become the hot spot for wintry magic sans skis. Read on for ten reasons why winter in Canada feels like a real-life snow dome.

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How to explore Canada by road and rail

When you're exploring a country as visually spectacular as Canada you want to be as close to the ground as possible. Hire a car for the road trip of a lifetime, or ride the rails and traverse Canada's diverse landscapes by train. Better still? Combine the two and you're in for an unforgettable adventure. Read on to find out how you can travel from British Columbia in the west to Nova Scotia in the east without setting foot in a domestic airport. 

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