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Welcome to the castle capital of the world!

A country you will surely find magical as you discover the countless gems of history, unique monuments, modern architecture to experiencing the diverse countryside that is protected in national parks and protected landscape areas. You will have the time of your life in The Czech Republic as you experience the land and people who surely know how to live.

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3 Essential European experiences aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

There may be no better way to experience the extravagances and nuances of Europe than aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient Express. Here are three essential European experiences that a journey aboard this remarkable train offers.

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Switzerland, best explored by train

The country that is well known for its watches, cheese and chocolate, but that is not all. The snow capped mountains, serene lakes and green valley's makes Switzerland in awe aspiring experience. From their natural beauty to their wines, Swiss wines are well known for their diversity and high quality. Looking to discover nature at its best? Switzerland is your destination.

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Relive the golden age of rail

Some rail journeys are electrifyingly fast, others take their time to roll through beautiful or exotic landscapes. And then there are those that take their passengers to another world, ones in which the glamour, elegance and romance of rail’s golden age still lives on.

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Discovering Denmark

Since the Viking raiders left to conquer other lands in one of the world's greatest mysteries, Denmark has evolved into a modern and prosperous nation. One of the world's most popular toys, the Lego originated from Denmark. Top if off with a rich, well preserved cultural heritage and their legendary sense of design and architecture, are what make Denmark one intriguing holiday destination.

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Finding the magic of Finland

The land of a thousand lakes and during the months of June and July it becomes the land of the midnight sun. Finns are known to love their saunas so much and believe it or not, they love ice swimming too.

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