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Destination of the week: Spain

Spain - the country of passionate people, delicious food, colourful history, and diverse landscape - best explored by train. There are over 15,000 km of train tracks with over 1,000 km running high-speed services. The main carrier is Renfe that operates several different services, including the famously fast AVE.

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Destination of the week: Germany

The German Rail network is the biggest rail network in Europe - it has over 5000 stations and over 41,000 km of train tracks, so you can easily reach any part of the country quickly and efficiently.

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The Sweet Ride Around Europe

Who doesn't like a sweet treat, right? Let's be honest, it's what many of us live for!

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Destination of the week: Belgium

Welcome to the land of waffles, beer, Smurfs, chocolate and more! Belgium provides the ideal connection to the UK, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany by rail as well as a fantastic internal rail network.

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How to Choose Your Ideal Rocky Mountaineer Package: 5 Step Guide

The Canadian Rockies are among the world's most beautiful natural landmarks. The impressive mountain range spans across the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, with many national parks, cascading waterfalls and winding trails to be experienced along the way. The best way to travel through the magnificent Rockies is by rail, and with their four unique train routes - Rainforest to Gold Rush, Journey through the Clouds, First Passage to the West and Coastal Passage - Rocky Mountaineer have you spoilt for choice.

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Top 10 tips for Train Travel in Europe

Discover our top 10 tips for train travel in Europe and learn why the train is one of the most relaxing, comfortable and cost-effective ways to travel. You can reach virtually every part of the continent on Europe’s rail network and experience much of the beauty and charm of this part of the world from the comfort of your carriage. Here are our top ten tips for getting the most out of your European rail adventure.

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