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5 reasons to visit Europe in the off-season

Heidelberg in Spring
Heidelberg in Spring

Summer is a great time to be in Europe! Warm weather, the beaches, gelato, comfortable clothes, long days, and lots of events and festivals. Not to mention it gives us a chance to escape the colder weather here in Australia. Unfortunately, everybody wants the same experience, which makes most European destinations crowded with travellers from all over the world. Next time consider planning your trip during one of the quieter seasons to get a more authentic and enjoyable experience. Here are top 5 reasons to visit Europe in the off-season:


Monterosso, Italy
A room with a view in Monterosso

1. Cheaper accommodation

You would be amazed at how different the average accommodation prices can be during other seasons. That adorable boutique hotel you were checking out will be half the price during the colder months, and even Airbnb offers low season rates on most properties. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars or stay in a dingy motel - simply avoid the big summer months.


2. Marvellous photos

Do you want to snap a photo of the famous statue of David in Florence? Or pose in front of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona? Or perhaps all you need is the best spot for a group photo on the Charles Bridge in Prague? Good luck with all the crowds. Between children jumping in front of your camera, and people smashing you with their selfie sticks, you will have a tough time getting a clear shot unless you get up at 5 AM OR if you decide to travel like a pro and follow our advice.

Rail Plus hint: Hop on the Coca-Cola London Eye for the best view of the city

Budapest, Hungary
A snap of Budapest Parliament


3. No long lines

Not only will your photos look better, you also won't need to wait in lines for as long. Who wants to spend 2 hours just standing in the sun? You will rarely have to queue, which will give you more time to explore everything on your list. PS: Do make note that certain attractions operate on shorter schedules or might even be closed.

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Bernina, Switzerland
Bernina Express in Winter


4. Friendlier service

Imagine a waiter who deals with hordes of visitors from around the globe nonstop for 10 hours each day. They might not have the energy to be super polite at every single moment, not to mention they won't have the time to give you their full attention. Come Autumn or Spring, and you will be accepted with open arms. Some places get so quiet that the locals will want to chat with you and make sure you have the best time ever.

Rail Plus hint: Go hang out with the locals in the magical city of Salzburg with the Sound of Music Tour


5. Amazing deals on rail passes (and Eurostar!)

Check the latest deals here.


A few destination suggestions

Pack your Winter clothes, and get ready for the up-close experience of what Europe has on offer. Save on hotels, take the best snaps, skip the line, hang out with the locals, and grab the cheapest seats on all the trains. We promise you won't be sorry!


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amelia55 - 12/10/2017
Me and my husband went to Germany last December. The christmas markets were so lovely !! Lots of locals, but most sights weren't too crowded.