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6 of Europes Best Christmas Markets

Get swept away in the romance of a traditional European Christmas market
Get swept away in the romance of a traditional European Christmas market

Europe is without a doubt, the home of Christmas culture. Almost all of the folklore and traditions we engage with at this time of year have their origins in snowy northern European countries, where for hundreds of years people have celebrated Christmas by decorating pine or fir trees, baking sweet treats like gingerbread, and telling their children stories of a ruddy faced old man who stole down the chimney at night and left them presents.


With such a rich history of Yuletide tradition, its only natural that Europe is home to some of the worlds best Christmas markets. Wander into one of these markets and youll be greeted by the same Christmas sights, sounds and smells that have been filling these town squares for hundreds of years. This week, we take a look at six of the best European Christmas markets which you can visit using a Eurail Pass.


Strasbourg 850 Onpage
Strasbourg's resplendant festive lights. 

Strasbourg, France

Christmas cookies 380 onpage
Traditional Alsatian baked goods. 

Late November- late December

The grandfather of modern Christmas markets, Strasbourgs Christkindelsmärik has been running since 1570 and boasts over 300 stalls, 4 Advent concerts, and a living Nativity amongst other things.

The areas with the most activity and appeal are place de Brogile and place de la Cathédrale. Here youll have the opportunity to drink mulled wine from boot shaped mugs, try local treats like pretzels, Brädeles (Christmas cookies), roasted chestnuts and Flammekeuche, and peruse wooden stalls piled high with elegant ornaments, Nativity figures, and stuffed white storks  an Alsatian good luck symbol.

Strasbourg 2 850 Onpage
An enormous Christmas tree lights up the winter sky in Strasbourg.

Prague, Czech Republic

Early December- early January

Prague nativity 380 Onpage
A straw nativity scene in The Old Town Square

Come winter, almost every square in Prague has some form of Vanocni trh (Christmas market) but the two best ones are in the Old Town Square, Staromestske namesti and nearby Wenceslas Square. The Old Town Square in particular becomes a Yuletide wonderland with vibrant stalls set up around an enormous Christmas tree, manger scene, and a small petting zoo.

Traditional crafts on sale include wooden toys, handmade garnet jewellery, Bohemian crystal, and Czech marionettes. There are also plenty of local culinary specialties to try such as braided pastry with raisins known as vánocvka, honeyed gingerbread, nutty rum cookies called vosí hnízda, sweet pastry known as trdelnik, wine sausages and carp, as well as sweet mulled wine (svarene vino).

St Nicholas Day (Mikulas) on December 5th is also a big event in the city and sees St Nicholas, an angel, and a demon wander through crowds of children in the Old Town Square, tallying up who has been naughty and nice. 

Prague 850 Onpage
The city of Prague is famous for it's elaborate festive decorations. 


Copenhagen 380 Onpage
Etheral fairy lights in the Tivoli Gardens.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Mid November- late December

Cophenhagen celebrates Jul (Yuletide) in grand style by bedecking the lakeside willows and trees throughout its famous Tivoli Gardens with thousands of Christmas lights, a process curated by Tiffanys head designer.

A crafts market pops up along a canal in the Nyhavn district, and shops throughout the city bring out Christmas specialties including æbleskiver (iced doughnuts with blackcurrant jam) and spiced mulled wine known as gløgg.



Salzburg 850 Onpage
Salzburg's baroque town square dazzles with traditional festive decorations. 
Salzburg gingerbread 380
A market stall decorated with Lebkuchen.

Salzburg, Austria

17th November  30th December

Intimate and traditional, there are documents dating back to the 15th century describing elderly women selling festive crafts in front of the Salzburg Cathedral during advent season.

The beautiful baroque Cathedral Square is transformed with twinkling fairy lights and around 100 stalls selling traditional wares such as pewter crafts, loden coats, and furry slippers. Sweet mulled wine flows abundantly and there is the opportunity to taste seasonal treats like Lebkuchen (gingerbread), roasted chestnuts, sausages, and almonds whilst listening to the Salzburg school choirs sing Christmas hymns.


Dresden 850 Onpage (1)
Dresdens Striezelmarkt is one of the biggest and most famous Christmas markets in Europe. 
Dresden Christmas Tower 380 Onpage
Dresden's 46 foot Christmas pyramid.

Dresden, Germany

Late November- December 24th

Almost every city and town in Germany has a Christmas market worthy of this list, Nuremberg has a golden angel that appears of the high gallery of the Frauenkirche to open the citys market, Munich has an 85 foot Christmas tree, Esslingen has live medieval music, Aachen is famous for its lights, Leipzigs market dates all the way back to 1458, and Rothenburg od der Tauber is one of the few places you can try white mulled wine.

Dresdens market is in many ways the archetypical German Christmas market, with all the quirks, charms and traditions that make the yuletide celebrations in this country some of the worlds best. Running continuously since 1434, Dresdens Striezelmarkt at Altmarkt in Altstadt boasts 230 craft stalls, a 46 foot Christmas pyramid.

The Striezelmarkt is famous for an event where a four tonne stollen (traditional German fruit bread) is paraded through the streets accompanied by the stollenmädchen (stollen maiden) before being chopped up and offered to market goers. Some of the traditional crafts to look out for at this market include blown glass from Lauscha, incense burners shaped like nutcrackers, Dresdens iconic blue and white ceramics, Blaudruck indigo prints from the Lusatia region, and wooden figures known as Räuchermännchen from the Ore Mountains.

Zagreb 850 Onpage (1)
The fountain in Zagreb's Zrinjevac Park is frosted with blue fairy lights. 
Tomislav Square Zagreb 380 Onpage
Zagreb's main railway station is transformed with a light show. 

Zagreb, Croatia

26th November -8th January

Although further south and less famous than the Yuletide festivities held in Germany and Austria, Croatias capital has been causing quite a stir in recent years. Zagreb won the Best Christmas Market award for 2016 after being voted for by over 100,000 travellers and its not hard to see why; Zagrebs Advent Programme takes over the entire city with events such as ice skating in King Tomislav Park, a winter village in the main square of Ban Jelacic, with stalls selling mulled wine and traditional sweets, a fairy-tale light show and nightly concerts in Zrinjevac Park and a Christmas fair in the streets surrounding Jelacic Square.


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