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All about the new Eurostar service to Amsterdam


UPDATED: 1st March 2018

Most likely one of the biggest rail stories of the year is finally becoming a reality. Eurostar is starting a direct service from London to Amsterdam with stops in Brussels and Rotterdam. Here are a few key points you should know:

  • CURRENT PRICE: Promotional fares are available from $66 in Standard Class or $149 in Standard Premier.
  • FREQUENCY: The direct service will run twice a day (once a day on Saturday and Sunday).
  • DURATION: The journey will take 3hrs 41mins to Amsterdam and 3hrs 1min to Rotterdam.
  • TRAVEL DATES: The trains will start operating on 4th April 2018.
  • BOOKINGS: Bookings are available on our website. Book now!
  • RETURN SERVICE: On the return journey, you'll need to take a Thalys train from Amsterdam or Rotterdam to Brussels to go through security and passport check before jumping on the Eurostar service back to London.

Eurostar Timetable: London - Amsterdam

Get the full timetable here >>>

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