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Clem Climbs the Swiss Alps: the Golden Pass & Jungfrau

Clem's Swiss Rail Adventure
Clem's Swiss Rail Adventure

At Rail Plus, we dont just sell rail travel; we live and breathe it. Our staff fully immerse themselves in the world of rail travel through staff Famils. This is Clem's story on the Gold Pass route in Switzerland.

This is the story of the exciting Swiss rail journey of Clement Tringale, one of our very own rail experts, whose extensive travel industry experience won him an all-inclusive trip to Switzerland late last year.

Clem's journey through the Swiss Alps on both the famed Golden Pass line and the incredible Jungfrau will inspire your next adventure through this spectacular part of Europe. Thanks to the opening of the new Gotthard Base tunnel on June 1, train travel through the Swiss Alps will be even faster and travellers will have even more options when planning their Swiss rail itinerary. 

Golden Pass Between Zweisimmen and Montreux 380
Golden Pass Between Zweisimmen and Montreux

The Golden Pass Train

Built in 1901, the revered Golden Pass was the worlds first fully panoramic train, securing its place in rail history. Travelling between Montreux and Lucerne, this ultra-modern train continues to take passengers through some of Switzerlands most stunning scenery, with snow-capped mountain ranges rolling into sweeping valleys before your eyes.

After departing Montreux, Clement began his ascent into the clouds, rising above the magnificent Lake Geneva, where he was treated to spectacular views of Switzerlands lake region.

His journey then saw him pass through an extensive mountain tunnel at Jaman, emerging into expansive valleys and passing through the famed resort towns of Chateaux d'Oex and Gstaad.

At its highest point, the Golden Pass train reaches 1,274m above sea level, offering an incredible view of the Swiss Alps.

The Golden Pass is a fantastic journey to take year round. In summer you will be treated to breathtaking views of luscious green valleys and sparkling blue lakes, contrasted with the snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps. When travelling during winter, as Clem did, be prepared to be mesmerised by the white blankets of snow enveloping the Swiss countryside. Clem was lucky enough to experience the magic of Switzerland during the festive season, where the thick snow and Yuletide spirit transform this stunning mountain region into a festive winter wonderland.

After passing through the quaint village of Zweisimmen, this iconic train journey continues onto Interlaken and Lucerne, promising many incredible sweeping vistas.

Lake Lucerne 380 Onpage
Lake Lucerne


Clem relished in the leisurely pace of his journey, taking the time to photograph the stunning landscapes presented to him through the broad panoramic windows

"The train is slow and scenic as it gently undulates through the mountains. So, even though it can take a while to get from place-to-place, this relaxed pace is actually advantageous. You get plenty of time to take pictures, and as a journey that lasts about five hours, there will be lots of photograph opportunities." 

"It's just beautiful. The train is very modern, and you really can see all around as you travel," he said.


Clem made sure to experience all that the alpine region had to offer, opting to climb even higher into the sky upon arriving in Lucerne.

 "When at Lucerne, we went on a day trip to the Swiss Alps, where we ascended to a height of 3,800 metres.

There's a railway station up there, which is actually the highest in all of Europe."

Jungfrau Railway


Journey to the Jungfraujoch - the Top of Europe

As part of his epic Swiss rail adventure Clem travelled to the Jungfrau summit and the Jungfraujoch train station  the highest railway station in Europe at 3,454m above sea level.

The Jungfrau cogwheel train heads south from the beautiful Interlaken countryside, before winding its way up across either Wengen or Grindlewald's mountain pastures and tunnelling through the Eiger and Mönch mountains.

Once the train reaches the Jungfraujoch, you are greeted by spectacular alpine vistas and have the option to visit the Ice Palace or make your way up to the 3,571 m high Sphinx Observatory



Discover Switzerland's must see destinations

From the exhilarating thrill of ascending Switzerland's highest peaks to the jaw-dropping beauty of the Swiss countryside, there are so many things to do and see in this incredibly unique country. Clem's experience on the Golden Pass and Jungfrau gave him a keen insight into this spectacular region, which he wishes to pass on to fellow travellers.

View from botanical garden at the Rochers de Naye, above Montreux onpage
View of Swiss Alps from botanical garden at the Rochers de Naye, above Montreux

If you're heading to Switzerland, here are 4 unforgettable destinations which Clem recommends you add to your list: 


people travelling on glacier express 380
Travellers admiring views of the Swiss Alps
  • Do not miss the dizzying heights of the Jungfrau train; you'll get to take some amazing photos when you reach the top! 
  • If you find yourself in the resort town of Engelberg, Clem highly recommends a trip to Mount Titlis. Tackle the powder white slopes with some skiing or snowboarding, or even brave your way across the Titlis Cliff Walk, a spectacular mountainside suspension bridge. 
  • Lucerne is a must see for any traveller looking to experience a taste of traditional Switzerland; with its 14th century city walls, iconic covered bridges, cobblestone streets and steep spires.  
  • Clem also insists on a stopover in Montreux, a stunning resort town situated at the eastern end of Lake Geneva.


glacier express viaduct 380
The Glacier Express as it glides over a towering viaduct

If you're staying a little longer why not complete your Swiss rail adventure with a trip on the famed Glacier Express train? This service cuts across the country through the mountains, across sheer gorges and rolling plains, taking in 91 tunnels and a staggering 291 bridges!

Or perhaps you could indulge in a ride on Swiss Chocolate Train, which runs between the vineyards of Montreux and the ancient town of Gruyeres?

From June 5, travellers will have the option of making their way through the Swiss Alps via the new Gotthard Base Tunnel, an engineering marvel which will slash travel time from Lucerne to Bellinzona to 1 hour and 25 minutes. Alternatively, you could opt for the more leisurely Wilhelm Tell Express route which takes 4 hours and 41 minutes to make the same journey, but offers a more luxurious rail experience.

Speak to the Swiss Rail Experts

By getting to know each of our products first-hand, we can provide customers with valuable knowledge and excellent service. If you need some help planning your Swiss rail holiday, our knowledgeable rail experts will be happy to tailor an itinerary just for you, drawing from their experiential knowledge of our exciting rail packages.

We can help you understand the benefits of the Swiss Travel Pass and other Eurail passes, and compare the travel options available.

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