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Destination of the week: Europe

Pack your bags for a European rail adventure
Pack your bags for a European rail adventure

We are breaking our routine by nominating an entire continent as the destination of the week to honour the amazing Eurail Extra Day promotion.

Why travel by train in Europe

There are 5 great reasons:

  • Money saver - train tickets are generally more affordable than flying - plus there are no extra costs for luggage.
  • More comfort - even 2nd class offers plenty of comfort and tons of leg space. You are also free to walk around and explore the train.
  • Stops in the city centre - no need to pay for a taxi or spend an hour in traffic to get to the airport. Trains will take you to the centre of the city, usually walking distance to major hotels.
  • Eco-friendly - flying is extremely inefficient and damages the environment in a noticeable way. Trains, on the other hand, run on electricity which frequently comes from renewable sources.
  • Local experience - meet locals, experience their habits, try out different snacks, and get a taste of coffee (and beer) across the continent.

Best of Europe itinerary

  • Paris - Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam - Berlin
  • Berlin - Prague
  • Prague - Salzburg
  • Salzburg - Fuessen
  • Fuessen - Venice
  • Venice - Florence
  • Florence - Rome
  • Rome - Monte Carlo (Monaco)
  • Monte Carlo - Barcelona
  • Barcelona - Paris

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