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Destination of the week: France

Aerial view of Paris
Aerial view of Paris

France is known for its beautiful cities, stunning countryside, unique architecture and delicious wine and food! With so many bucket list destinations and a state of the art rail network linking most destinations and Europe beyond, why would you travel any other way?

Do I need to reserve a seat?

Most international and domestic train services require seat reservations. Only local TER trains do not have seat allocations. If you book a point to point ticket, seat reservation will be included in the ticket if required.

Suggested routes

Paris to

  • Lyon (2hrs 3min)
  • Bordeaux (2hrs 3 min)
  • Champagne (2hr 52 min)
  • Strasbourg (1hr 46 min)
  • Marseille (3hrs 21min)
  • London (2hrs 23min)
  • Geneva (3hrs 13min)
  • Barcelona (6hrs 27min)
  • Brussels (1hr 28min)

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