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Destination of the week: Italy

Traveling Italy by Rail
Traveling Italy by Rail

Italy - one of the most popular destinations in Europe has it all - mountains and lakes in the North, beaches all around, enough history to satisfy even the biggest buffs, and of course the food. If you want to tick off all the major spots around the country, take advantage of the Italian rail network that's not only fast but extremely affordable.

Most major destinations are served by two carriers - Trenitalia and Italo. Both are doing their best to impress you - price and quality wise.

Are seat reservations required?

Seat reservations are required on all high-speed services. Only regional Trenitalia services don't require seat reservations.

Suggested itinerary - best of Italy

  • Rome to Assisi (2h 14 min)
  • Assisi to Florence (2h 32 min)
  • Florence to Pisa (1 h)
  • Pisa to La Spezia - Cinque Terre (45 min)
  • La Spezia to Milan (3 h 14 min)
  • Milan to Venice (2 h 25 min)
  • Venice to Rome (3 h 33 min)
  • (Optional) day trip: Rome to Naples (52 min one way)

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