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Destination of the week: Netherlands


The Netherlands - a tiny country that packs a lot, also when it comes to trains, which are fast, efficient and comfortable. They serve domestic destinations at regular intervals, even up to 6 times an hour. You can easily connect to international destinations - take the IC/ICE train to Berlin, Frankfurt or Dusseldorf; hop on the IC train or Thalys to Brussels or continue on all the way to Paris.

To make the most out of your visit, grab the Benelux Eurail pass that will cover all your trips within the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

Are seat reservations required?

Seat reservations are NOT required on:

  • Most domestic services.
  • IC Brussels trains (free seating).
  • ICE trains to Germany (reservation possible).

Seat reservations ARE required on:

  • Thalys (connection to Paris and Brussels, automatically included in your ticket).

Suggested day trips

Amsterdam is the best place to base yourself for a variety of day trips around the country. You can easily start all your trips from Amsterdam Centraal. Other major stations with great connections include Rotterdam and Utrecht.

  • Amsterdam - Rotterdam (40 min)
  • Amsterdam - Utrecht (27 min)
  • Amsterdam - Maastricht (2.5 hrs)
  • Amsterdam - The Hague (50 min)
  • Amsterdam - Groningen (2 hrs 10 min)
  • Amsterdam - Leeuwarden (2 hrs 10 min)

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