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Destination of the week: Norway

Norway by train
Norway by train

Norway is full of natural wonders of the world: from the Fjords to the Midnight Sun. The rich country is covered mainly by forests, many rivers and lakes. It's a place of old-fashioned fishing villages, medieval churches, the breathtaking majestic fjords and more.

Norway's railway network consists of over 4,000 km of tracks. Narvik (in the north of the country) has one of the northernmost railway stations in the world. Norway has an international railway connection with Sweden. The national railway company of Norway is called the Norges Statsbaner AS, known in English as the Norwegian State Railways (NSB). The company operates diesel and electric trains.

Are seat reservations required?

Seat reservations are NOT required on domestic services. Seat reservations ARE required for most connections to Sweden.

Suggested itinerary - Norway in a Nutshell

  • Train: Bergen - Myrdal (2 h)
  • Train: Myrdal - Flåm (1 h)
  • Boat: Flåm - Gudvangen (1 h 30)* (2 h)**
  • Bus: Gudvagen - Voss (1 h)*
  • Train: Voss - Bergen (1 h)

*Premium High-Speed Boat / Bus on Stalheimskleiva Road (Only operates from 1st May - 30th September)

**Classic Boat (Operates all year)

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