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Discover Switzerland by rail and see Swiss trains run like clockwork

Train travel in France and Switzerland
Train travel in France and Switzerland

Switzerland is one breathtaking view after the another. Seeing Switzerland by rail is the best way to take in her natural radiance.

It's the perfect location to experience crystal clear lakes, snow-capped glaciers, verdant forests and mountain peaks. Picture this - sprawling green hills topped with lush forests, surrounded by serene blue lakes. This is Switzerland at it's finest, and that's not even considering the imposing mountains on the horizon dusted in white. There are few other places that will trump this country in scenic beauty.

Famous for its chocolate, cheese and clocks, Switzerland can add one more string to its bow - magical train journeys. The trains of the Swiss Travel System will take you anywhere, alongside the glimmering mountain rivers, through the hundred of tunnels, over bridges and viaducts and of course through the glaciers of the Swiss Alps. Train travel is the only way to see Switzerland.You'll be impressed by the many picturesque panoramic routes of the Glacier Express, Bernina Express, Golden Pass, William Tell and additional delights such as the Jungfrau, Mount Titlis gondola, Pilatus and the chocolate train.

Climb every mountain, or let the train ascend them for you on the Glacier Express

Travelling first class through the icy wonderland of the Swiss Alps aboard the Glacier Express is one of the world’s greatest travelling pilgrimages. An experience reserved for the true travel connoisseur, the historic Glacier Express takes you on an epic seven-hour rail journey. Discover the Romance of Switzerland on the Glacier Express in our latest article.

Glacier Express Map
Glacier Express Map


Switzerland's most famous scenic train spirals its passengers through sky-piercing mountain peaks, deep gorges and gently undulating plains.

The journey from Zermatt to St Moritz transcends up and throughout the Engadine Valley where you will pass through tunnels bored into the mountains and cross lofty viaducts.

The little red train's panoramic wide windows and skylights delight travellers with mesmerising scenes of X, Y and Z. Experience the surprise and awe of Switzerland's scenery with every twist and turn along this great Swiss scenic train journey.



Glacier Express Train Journey: Rail Plus' most popular Swiss scenic train route

Popular Route: St Moritz to Zermatt

Journey Coverage: Cross 291 bridges, through 91 tunnels and over the 2045m high Oberlap Pass.

Duration: 7 hr 30 mins.


glacier express viaduct
The Glacier Express crossing the Viaduct Bridge

Bernina Express, embrace the slow travel ethos on the slowest Swiss scenic train

The Bernina Express is an incredible way to experience the breathtaking beauty of the Swiss Alps. This swiss scenic train runs from Chur, Switzerland, to Tirano, Italy, or vice-versa. A shorter version of the journey runs from St. Moritz to Tirano (or vice-versa). Find out why this iconic rail journey is not to be missed in our latest article, 3 Great Reasons to Explore the Beauty of the Alps with the Bernina Express.

As the Bernina Express slowly sweeps among the Swiss glaciers, the train crosses up to 200 bridges and bores through 55 carved tunnels. You wouldn't want it to go any faster as you'll miss the stunning scenery passing majestic mountains, the verdant forests of Albula Valley as well as glaciers and viaducts. As the train winds its way through the Swiss alps look up through the glass roof of the train and enjoy the best views of Switzerland.


Bernina Express Train Journey: Rail Plus' popular train route in Switzerland.

Popular Route: Chur - Tirano (Switzerland and Italy).

Journey Coverage: Cross 196 bridges, through 55 tunnels and cover 123km of rail track that climbs 2253 m above sea level.

Duration: 7 hours.


Some vote for Bernina Express and others opt for the Glacier Express. The decision on the best scenic train in Switzerland is divided. You'll just have to do both, and see for yourself.



The Golden Pass Journey is one to be savoured.

Golden Pass map Montreux Luzern
Golden Pass map Montreux Luzern

The Golden Pass Line is another beauty. It journeys between Montreux and Lucerne, climbing above the resplendent Lake Geneva before descending into a mountain tunnel.

On the other side, rural valleys and soft hills await as the train calls at Zweisimmen. Between Interlaken and Lucerne, the terrain is particularly spectacular. You'll see emerald waters as you pass Lake Lungern. Watch the world go by, from your window seat.






Golden Pass Train Journey: Rail Plus' popular route from Montreux to Lucerne.

Popular Route: Lucerne-Interlaken (Switzerland).

Journey Coverage:  Covers 240km of rail track.

Duration: 5 hours 30 minutes.


Golden Pass Between Zweisimmen and Montreux
Golden Pass Between Zweisimmen and Montreux

Wilhelm Tell Express versus the Gotthard Pass: Scenery vs Speed in the Swiss Alps

Gotthard Pass lake
Gotthard Pass lake 

For centuries, the Gotthard Pass in the Swiss Alps has been a key point of passage for those wishing to travel between the north and south of Switzerland. This treacherous journey is punctuated by steep, narrow paths, and the turbulent Reuss River.

The pass became the site of one of the 19th century’s greatest civil engineering feats when the Gotthard Rail Tunnel was built in 1882. Learn more in our article about the Gotthard Pass.






Did somebody say chocolate?

La Gruyere Swiss chocolate train tour on page
La Gruyere Swiss Chocolate Train Tour


Switzerland delights the senses with cheese chocolate, Rosti and Raclette, exquisite local dishes.

The Chocolate train is a popular journey designed for chocolate and cheese lovers. The vintage train passes the Swiss Riviera, Lake Geneva and stops in Gruyere, the Swiss cheese wonderland and finally the chocolate factory in Cailler-Nestle. Experience the finest Swiss chocolate sampling.




A side trip to the Jungfrau is not to be missed

The Jungfrau VIP Pass is highly recommended as it's a true Swiss highlight that takes you to Europe's highest peaks, allowing you to scale the Eiger Monch and Jungfrau mountain. This pass allows 3 train travel days, giving you the chance to explore panoramic views over magnificent Aletsch Glacier.

Jungfrau Train
Jungfrau Train

Mt. Titlis Return Day Trip is a thrilling way to spend the day

This exciting day trip from Engelberg or Lucerne will get you to the top of Titlis! The new 8 seater Titlis Xpress gondola will take you directly to Stand through a tunnel below Truebsee. In case you wish to hike around the lake or relax in an oar-boat, you may get down in this tunnel.

From Stand, you will have to change to the “Rotair”, the world’s first revolving cable car which will take you to the top of Mt Titlis. Experience the “Ice-Flyer” and the “Titlis Cliff Walk”, Europe’s highest suspension bridge with fabulous views of the surrounding mountains.

Trouble Free Swiss Travel Pass: Your all in one ticket to Switzerland

Zurich to Milan via the Gotthard Pass is another spectacular rail journey. No matter where you go in Switzerland you're bound to be impressed by the culture, cuisine and magnificent scenery. Our rail experts advise getting a Swiss travel pass for its great value and ease of use. The Swiss travel pass covers the entire Glacier express journey (seat reservation are additional and must be booked in advance), unlimited travel by train, bus and boat nationwide and 50% discount to many museum and mountain railways.


Experiencing the Swiss scenery by train travel is unparalleled. The Swiss Travel Pass Flex is the perfect way to explore the diverse southern landscapes of Switzerland and offer many other discounts of ferries, busses, boats and mounatin trains.Order you Swiss Travel Pass today.


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