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Discover the Romance of Switzerland on the Glacier Express

Glacier Express. Travel through 91 tunnels and cross 291 bridges on this scenic train journey
Glacier Express. Travel through 91 tunnels and cross 291 bridges on this scenic train journey

UPDATED: 6th September 2018

Travelling first class through the icy wonderland of the Swiss Alps aboard the Glacier Express is one of the world’s greatest travelling pilgrimages.

An experience reserved for the true travel connoisseur, the historic Glacier Express takes you on an epic seven-hour rail journey.

Glacier Express Map
Glacier Express Map


Described as the 'world's slowest express train', the Glacier Express offers a chain of unforgettable diverse scenic wonders and treats you to icy mountains, sweeping rivers and rushing streams, fairy-tale castles, and flowering forests and valleys.

The St. Moritz to Zermatt ride is the quintessential Swiss rail experience which enables you to take in all the romance of the landscape at a leisurely pace.

Route: St Moritz/Davos-Chur-Andermatt-Brig-Zermatt (or vice-versa)

Season: Operates all year round, except for approx 2 months each year around Oct-Dec when it is closed for maintenance.

Duration: 7 hours 30 minutes



St Moritz

Upper Engadine Valley Glacier Express 380
View from the Upper Engadine Valley

Your journey begins in St. Moritz, an old-school ski resort known as the snowy playground of the rich and famous. Self-assured St. Moritz calls itself ''the top of the world'' and is a famous mountain resort. Within 20 minutes of leaving the station, the train enters the Upper Engadine Valley, where passengers enjoy panoramic views of crystalline lakes and dense fir forests in the valley below.

Once it passes through the Albula Tunnel, the train spirals downwards towards the sleepy mountain town of Filisur and then over the spectacular sweeping arches of the elegant Landwasser Viaduct, perched dramatically on the precipice of a cliff.

As the train heads towards the town of Chur, it passes through the Domleschg Valley, a fairy-tale landscape dotted with castle turrets and crumbling ruins.


people travelling on glacier express 380
Marvel at the dramatic landscape of the Ruinaulta Canyon


First Stop: Chur

The first major stop on this scenic journey is in the ancient town of Chur.

This sleepy little town is nestled along one of the most dramatic stretches of the Rhine River where the swirling waters carve their way through stark white rock.

From here, the train follows the course of the river along the Ruinaulta Canyon before winding upwards towards its source in the breathtaking Oberalp Pass, the highest point on the train line.



The jewel of the Rhône Valley, the Oberalp Pass is a dazzling wintry landscape where it’s not uncommon for snow to dust the verdant slopes in the height of summer. Celebrate your arrival at the highest point of 2,033 meters with a glass of wine!


Meals onboard the Glacier Express
Meals onboard the Glacier Express



Second Stop: Brig

It is the stretch between the Pass and Brig that the Glacier Express really lives up to its name. Passengers look out over an icy landscape of rugged mountains and fir trees laden with lashings of powdery snow.

The white wonderland of the Oberalp Pass


Final Destination: Zermatt

From Brig, the train begins to wind its way back up to the mountains and you'll witness the sheer rock walls in the Matter Valley as well as the sculptural peak of the famous Matterhorn. In the shadow of this epic peak is the town of Zermatt where the train reaches its final destination.

The Glacier Express represents scenic European rail travel at its finest. There are a number of pass and ticketing options available for this 7 1/2 hour journey, however, we recommend choosing the first class option to ensure you get the most out of this epic journey. 



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