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Exploring Benelux

Breath-taking Amsterdam
Breath-taking Amsterdam

If you are looking to fill your days tasting world famous beers, getting lost among intricate canals and become enchanted by the charm of picture-perfect European neighbourhoods then a visit to Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg is your answer! 

If you are wanting to concentrate on these three amazing countries, then the Benelux Rail Pass will be the most comprehensive option for your travel.

Here are just some of the highlights you can experience as you breeze through Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.


Bruges, Belgium
Bruges, Belgium


Don't miss Brussels, which offers a quirky small-town charm combined with a thriving nightlife and plenty of things in between.

Full of festivals and exhibitions each year, Brussels also boasts exquisite food (mussels and fries, anyone?) and plenty of art and design. Don't miss the Gothic-style Town Hall tower, which is a Brussels icon, and be sure to spend up a storm on antiques, chocolates and more in Place du Grand Sablon.

From Brussels, head to Namur, where you'll find impressive museums such as Felicien Rops and the Museum of Ancient Namur Arts.



Grund, Luxembourg
Grund, Luxembourg 

Luxembourg is one of Europe's smallest countries, but it's big on beauty and atmosphere. Try and visit the Grund, a tiny neighbourhood that is unlike any other on Earth.

Some of the houses of the Grund are set directly into the rock faces of the gorge that it is found in, accessed by crossing a 15th century bridge.

Continuing the rock theme, be sure to pay a visit to the Bock and Casemates, a vast rock outcrop that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ancient tunnels (the Casemates) burrowed by the Roman Empire worm their way deeply into the rock face.

This extensive network can be toured at length, the caves used by the locals throughout history to escape the bombings and sieges that Luxembourg suffered over the centuries.


Netherlands countryside
Netherlands countryside


A country that is well known for its tulips, windmills, dikes, canals, cheese and wooden shoes there is always something new to discover in the Netherlands!

Also rich in historical heritage and with a thriving arts and nightlife scene, Netherlands capital of Amsterdam is a must see on many travellers to do lists.

Here you can explore the capital along the winding canals, visit the world's largest flower garden and experience natural beauty at Keukenhof Gardens and experience firsthand the nightlife down Leiden Square.

Head out of the capital and journey through a small picturesque town in South Holland Delft known to be one of the best-preserved, historic towns in the country.

Rail stations are found throughout all three countries, most are within the city centre, near major tourist attractions, hotels, shopping areas and restaurants. Simply board in one city and arrive in the next, ready to explore!

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