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Hidden Treasures in Seattle on my Rocky Mountaineer Famil

Seattle's hidden attraction: The Gum Wall
Seattle's hidden attraction: The Gum Wall

What is one of the top things to do when you travel? Find the most obscure attractions, of course! Today I visited Seattle's “Gum Wall”. It is one of the most obscure attractions I have ever been to (and I have been to a Gopher Museum!!)

1. The Gum Wall in Seattle 

Zoe gum LP3
The Gum Wall

The Gum Wall is a living street art installation located near Pike Place Market
History has it that theatre goers at the Market Theatre would stick their gum to the wall with a coin while waiting for the doors to open. After the performances, cleaners would scrap the gum off, time and time again until they finally they bowed out (and exited stage left).

This 'trend' began in 1993 and by 1999 the wall was classified as a tourist attraction. There is over 10 years of gum on the walls of the alleyway.Nowadays it is almost a tourists right of passage to leave a little part of their salivary DNA stuck to the walls of the Gum Wall in Seattle. 




Zoe gum LP1
Minty fresh and fruit scents of Seattle

The Gum Wall is not just a hit with tourists.

The Gum Wall made its first big screen debut in 2008/9 when actress Jennifer Anniston shot a scene from Love Happens in the alleyway. It was named the second germiest tourist attractions in 2009, second to the Blarney Stone (the Kissing Stone in Ireland).  

In case you are also wondering, it has a minty fresh fruity smell. Some say, when in Seattle, stick it to the wall, not the man.



2.  The Emerald City Trolley Tour

I decided to purchased the Emerald City Trolley tour 3-Day pass. It was one of the best purchases I made in Setttle as I could ride through and explore more of Seattle's most interesting icons. The tour takes you to all the main tourist attractions such as the EMP Museum, Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, Chihuly Garden and Glass and Seattle’s sports stadiums.

Its the staff on-board the trolley are the real gem as they let you know the local secrets that aren’t on tourist maps. 

For day one of the pass I focused on the EMP Museum. Originally designed to be a museum dedicated to Jimi Hendrix, it is now home to a range of interactive, informative and pop culture exhibits. The museum’s exterior was designed by Frank Gehry and his inspiration was a busted Jimi Hendrix guitar.

The current theme at EMP is the Star Wars costume exhibition. There is also a, What’s up Doc? animation of Chuck Jones (from the Looney Tunes). The most fascinating features in the museum were the guitar sculpture “If VI was IX", Padme’s costumes and Kurt Cobain’s cardigan from Smells Like Teen Spirit video clip. 


3. Safeco Field

Zoe Seattle baseball
Baseball: Seattle Mariners -Safeco Field


To top off an amazing day, the night finished with a short walk to Safeco Field to watch the Seattle Mariners take on the LA Angels on the baseball field. After 9 thrilling innings, the mariners won 10-1.

As this was the beginning of a journey on Rocky Mountaineer's Coastal Passage, filling the days with sightseeing was a great gateway into my big adventure. 

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