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How an Indian Pacific Train Trip Changes Your Idea of Time

Travel back in time on the Mighty Indian Pacific
Travel back in time on the Mighty Indian Pacific

Do you ever wish you could travel back to a time when the world was a simpler place?

When free time wasn’t cluttered by text messages, social media, emails and youtube videos? When journeys were a chance to swap stories and make life-long friendships? When mealtimes were chances to savour the moment and food in good company, without watching the clock?

From the moment you step aboard the Indian Pacific and make your way down to your private retro style cabin you will feel like you have been teleported back to a more elegant, old-world era of travel. Here are 3 of the many ways you'll be whisked back in time as you journey across the country on one of Australia’s most treasured icons.   

Queen Adelaide Restaurant couple onpage 851
Indian Pacific passengers enjoy a sumptuous meal in the classically styled Queen Adelaide restaurant car

Say Bye Bye to Wi-Fi and Hello to Serenity

When you discover there is no Wi-Fi on the mighty Indian Pacific, you may panic for a second or two as you realise you aren’t connected with the rest of the world.

platinum class cabin onpage380
Enjoying the views from the luxurious Platinum cabin

Mobile phone reception is also limited during certain parts of the journey depending on your individual mobile service provider.  

But this is one of the beautiful things about this experience. You can really take time out, enjoy the simple pleasures and let yourself get caught up in the captivating panoramas streaming in through the carriage windows.

On the Sydney – Perth and Perth – Sydney journeys you’ll have 4 glorious days and 3 sensational nights to discover the natural wonders and rich history of some of Australia’s most rugged and dramatic destinations as you travel in style and timeless luxury.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to share your experiences with fellow travellers, both onboard and during the amazing Off Train excursions.


journey back in time collage 851 Indian Pacific


Immerse yourself in Australian History

York Hotel Kalgoorlie onpage 380
The York Hotel, a famous heritage building in Kalgoorlie

Both Gold and Platinum Cabins feature in-cabin journey audio commentary. You can sit back and enjoy spellbinding views of the magnificent Blue Mountains, the mesmerising Nullarbor Plain and many more soul-stirring landscapes as you listen to the fascinating history behind each location.

When the train stops in Broken Hill, Adelaide, Cook, Rawlinna (Sydney – Perth) and Kalgoorlie (Perth – Sydney) you’ll have plenty of chances to immerse yourself in Australian history and nature.

From the gold rushes of the 1800s to the incredible collection of early 20th century Australian paintings housed at the oldest regional art gallery in New South Wales, each of the fantastic Off Train Excursions give you fascinating insights into the unique past of this wide brown land and give you a glimpse of what life would have been like for explorers, British settlers, miners, and early farmers.


Wine & Dine in Old-world Style

You won’t need to disembark the train to feel like you’ve stepped back in time. As you enjoy a regionally-inspired meal in the classically-styled Queen Adelaide Restaurant with its ornate styling and panoramic windows, you’ll get a distinct taste of the glamour and romance associated with the golden age of rail travel.

Meanwhile, should you feel like partaking in some good old-fashioned conversation outside meal times, the stylish yet relaxed setting of the Outback explorer Lounge is the perfect place to meet other travellers and exchange stories over a glass of wine or an indulgent cheese platter.

Travellers enjoy refreshments, good company and great conversation in the Outback Explorer Lounge

You can rest assured that when you travel on this timeless train you will forget about the hustle and bustle of modern life and enjoy an unforgettable holiday graced with the style, glamour and simple pleasures of a bygone era. Take advantage of early bird fares by booking your Indian Pacific trip now for Apr 2017 - Mar 2018!

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