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How to Choose Your Ideal Rocky Mountaineer Package: 5 Step Guide

Choose your ideal Rocky Mountaineer package
Choose your ideal Rocky Mountaineer package

The Canadian Rockies are among the world's most beautiful natural landmarks. The impressive mountain range spans across the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, with many national parks, cascading waterfalls and winding trails to be experienced along the way. The best way to travel through the magnificent Rockies is by rail, and with their four unique train routes - Rainforest to Gold Rush, Journey through the Clouds, First Passage to the West and Coastal Passage - Rocky Mountaineer have you spoilt for choice.

2018 ALL Routes
All routes

Choosing the best route for you is no easy task, so we've prepared a 5 step comparison guide you can use to compare the four different routes and their related packages.

Step 1: Compare the journeys

Rainforest to Gold Rush

Rail Only Rainforest to Gold Rush, 2018
Rainforest to Gold Rush - rail only map

The 3 day/2 night Rainforest to Gold Rush journey takes you through the rugged terrain of Western Canada, exploring the lush coastal rainforest, arid desert and historic goldfields. The Eastbound journey will see you begin in the bustling city of Vancouver, British Columbia. You will then be taking in the Pacific rainforest before the ascending into the spectacular mountainside town of Whistler. You will rest and relax in overnight hotel accommodation before a morning rise travelling onto Quesnel. Your Rocky Mountaineer journey concludes in Jasper, Alberta. Alternatively, the Westbound route begins in Jasper, disembarking in Vancouver.

Journey through the Clouds

Rail Only Journey Through the Clouds Rail Only, 2018
Journey through the Clouds - rail only map

If you choose to explore the Canadian Rockies on the magnificent Journey through the Clouds you will experience breathtaking, untouched landscapes and awe-inspiring natural beauty. Highlights include seeing the great Mount Robson and the thundering Pyramid falls.

RM18_JTC_Train Exterior
Journey through the Clouds

The 2 day/1 night journey will take you from Vancouver through to the riverside city of Kamloops and end in Jasper on the Eastbound route, and the reverse on the Westbound route (Jasper-Kamloops-Vancouver).

First Passage to the West

Rail Only First Passage to the West, Vancouver Lake Louise, 2018
First Passage to the West, Vancouver-Lake Lousie - rail only map

This journey also takes 2 days and 1 night, starting in Vancouver and ending in the mountain hamlet of Lake Louise or the resort town of Banff, with an overnight stop in Kamloops (or vice versa). Highlights include travelling through the fields of Fraser Valley, feeling the rumble of excitement as you approach the raging waters Hell's Gate, the historic 'last spike' that completed the Canadian Pacific Railway and Rogers Pass glaciers and tunnels. Explore the First Passage to the west.

Coastal Passage

Coastal Passage, 2018
Coastal Passage map

The Coastal Passage route is available as an add-on to Rocky Mountaineer packages or two-day or more rail-only routes. This journey connects the cosmopolitan cities of Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. to the Canadian Rockies. Guests experience a 6-hour scenic train trip on-board the Rocky Mountaineer.

Step 2: What kind of traveller are you?

You're a true adventurer

RM18_RGR_Seton_Train Exterior
Experience the Rainforest to Gold Rush journey

If you're an adventurer at heart, with a love for wild and extreme landscapes, Rainforest to Gold Rush is the perfect journey for you. During this exciting expedition, you will marvel at the diverse scenery including British Columbia's beautiful coastal rainforest, the deep, desolate chasms of the Fraser Canyon, and the lush plains of the Cariboo Plateau.

Your knowledgeable hosts will tell you tales of the Cariboo Gold Rush, which saw thousands of hopeful prospectors flock to the region in the 1860s. You will bear witness to the colossal Mount Robson, which towers 3,954 metres above sea level, the magnificent sparkling waters of Howe Sound and the dizzying heights of Deep Creek Bridge. You will also enjoy the chance to get out and explore, with overnight stays in the resort town of Whistler and the quaint rural town of Quesnel.

You're a daydreamer

For those who daydream about spectacular and diverse natural beauty, Journey through the Clouds is the experience of a lifetime.

Mount Robson entrance
The stunning view of Mount Robson


This sea-to-sky journey winds through scenic valleys, pristine forests and offers unparalleled views of the Coastal Mountain Range.

Following the route of the majestic Fraser River, you will be met with panoramic scenes of the vast Albreda Glacier, the cascading Pyramid Falls, and the soul stirring Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies.

These spellbinding scenes are punctuated by an overnight stay Kamloops and a journey through the abundant wildlife of Jasper, a national park and UNESCO world heritage site.


Enjoying the GoldLeaf service

You're a history buff

If you dream of stepping back in time and retracing the steps of the early Canadian explorers, First Passage to the West is the Rocky Mountaineer route for you.

You will find out why this is our most popular route when you follow the historic Canadian Pacific track - famous for connecting British Columbia to Canada more than a century ago.



You want to see all three: Mountains, Ocean views and Cityscapes

If you wish you could pack breathtaking views of towering mountain peaks, a bit of city life, plus romantic seaside vistas all into one sensational holiday, simply add the Coastal Passage to any of the other three Rocky Mountaineer routes or related packages.


Step 3: Compare the Routes

The Rocky mountaineer scenery from above

Guests on the 3 days/2 nights Rainforest to Gold Rush route, Vancouver to Jasper (or vice versa), will pay $3,536 for an Adult Double fare and $3,734 for an Adult Single fare for GoldLeaf Service. SilverLeaf Service guests of Rainforest to Gold Rush pay $2,587 for an Adult Double fare and $2,786 for an Adult Single fare.

GoldLeaf Service guests on the 2 days/1 night Journey through the Clouds and First Passage to the West routes, (both Eastbound and Westbound routes) can expect to pay $2,584 for an Adult Double fare, and $2,679 for and Adult Single fare. SilverLeaf Service guests of both these routes pay AUD $1,899 for an Adult Double fare and $1,994 for an Adult Single fare.


Guests opting to add the 6-hour Coastal passage route onto their trip can expect to pay an extra $842 per adult for the Seattle-Vancouver itinerary in GoldLeaf Service and AUD $850 for the southbound itinerary. SilverLeaf Service guests, on the other hand, will pay $579 for an Adult Coastal passage fare from Seattle to Vancouver and AUD $585 to travel in the opposite direction.

* Prices are subject to change and are to be used a guide. Visit the Rail Plus website for current prices.

Step 4: Choose your service class: GoldLeaf vs SilverLeaf

rocky mountaineer cuisine
Culinary Experience

No matter which route you choose, you can expect world-class service aboard the Rocky Mountaineer. Your friendly, hospitable hosts will share with you captivating stories whilst tending to your every need, making for an impeccable experience. Both GoldLeaf Service and SilverLeaf Service guests can enjoy an ALL-DOME fleet, providing unrivalled views of the Canadian Rockies.

GoldLeaf Service guests enjoy allocated seating on a bi-level glass domed coach, with panoramic views and reclined seating on the upper level. The main level houses an elegant private dining room, where GoldLeaf Service guests are served a la carte breakfasts and lunches prepared in the full galley kitchen.


RM_Interior_GoldLeaf_Service (1)
GoldLeaf Service guests enjoy a range of lunch options


SilverLeaf service guests enjoy delicious hot breakfasts and lunches served at their seats aboard a custom built single level dome coach, with panoramic views. The culinary team prepares meals plated to your taste and selection. 

Both GoldLeaf and SilverLeaf service guests enjoy complimentary snacks and beverages served at their seats, as well as one night's accommodation in Kamloops (Journey through the Clouds) or Quesnel (Rainforest to Gold Rush) with transfers by coach from the train station and complimentary luggage delivery.




Step 5: Browse the Rocky Mountaineer Packages and take advantage of the Stay & Play Offer!

Whichever route you choose, we know you will have an unforgettable experience that exceeds your expectations. From helicopter flight seeing to an Ice Explorer ride across a glacier, there are so many ways you can turn your Rocky Mountaineer experience into the holiday of your wildest dreams.

We have a vast range of exciting packages available for each route, comprising various combinations of rail travel, accommodation, sightseeing tours and even cruises. To view the inclusions for each package, head to our Rocky Mountaineer Rail and Cruise packages page online.

If you would like some advice from those in the know, our Canada rail experts are here to help you choose the best Rocky Mountaineer package for you. Contact us via phone or email today and start planning the holiday of a lifetime.

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