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How to keep the blood flowing on a long train journey

Journey by train travel
Journey by train travel

Travelling the world is so much easier than it used to be. In the space of just the last decade, we've been granted the ability to book flights to the other side of the planet in mere seconds, with just a few clicks. Railway lines criss-cross much of the world, taking us practically anywhere we'd like to go, meaning that almost anyone can pick out a destination on a map and figure out the most effective and fun way to get there.

This, of course, is great news for anyone who has a burning desire to get out there and explore the world. Or have you reached a point in your life where the world of work is a distant memory and now it's time to try something new? Train travel is the finest way to get up close and personal with our planet, as you'll be whisked on ground level to a great raft of distinct and scenic places, ranging from the unrivalled experience of Japan to the pure epic scale of the United States of America.

A mighty journey - the world is a big place

Amtrak train
Travelling USA by train


One of the world's largest countries, mainland America measures over 8 million squares kilometres. That's a lot of country to explore, but Amtrak's service does a fabulous job and traverses 34,000 kilometres of rail track  across the Big Country. 

The longest train route cutting through America is known as the Texas Eagle, which winds its way through 4,390 kilometres of real Americana. Originating in Chicago, the Texas Eagle stops off in the Lone Star State's city of San Antonio before heading up to Los Angeles, visiting 41 cities in between.

The Texas Eagle journey can last several days, meaning that, if you're in it for the long haul, a sleeping cabin may be in order. If you're thinking of travelling inthe USA by rail, why not try this route for size?

japan bullet train past mt fuji
Japan bullet train passing Mt Fuji
Some long journeys do not offer sleeping quarters, meaning that you may be sitting down for extended periods of time.

Rail journeys across America, Japan and Europe can last the best part of a day in some instances, which can sometimes mean that you'll have to look after yourself on longer journeys.

By this, we're talking about what may happen to your body when sitting for prolonged periods of time, and how we can combat this. Let's take a look at what we can do.


Keep on moving

We all know what can happen when we sit down for long periods of time. Numb legs, tingling limbs ... it's not a pleasant sensation! Happily, there are easy ways in which we can get the blood flowing once again, and there is no better place than on a train thundering through the countryside.

The train can take you to many beautiful places around the world - but be sure to stretch your legs, too!

TGV Lyria -The France Switzerland train
Stunning scenery by train travel


Simply be sure to get up and walk about the train every 30 minutes or so. With all the extraordinary scenery whizzing by, you won't need much encouragement in leaping out of your seat to gaze upon the next natural wonder.

You could even search out local travellers and strike up a conversation about the area - they may be able to point you in the direction of hidden treasures that don't appear in travel guides.  

When you are seated, wiggle your toes every 20 minutes. This will work the muscles in the lower body area and get the blood pumping. Finally, it's important to drink plenty of hydrating fluids to keep things running smoothly, this will ensure that your rail adventure proceeds in the most comfortable way possible. 

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