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Live the American dream on a USA Rail Trip - East/West Coast

Discover 2 of America's best-loved trains
Discover 2 of America's best-loved trains

A train journey across North America is the experience of a lifetime whether you're dreaming of the big city lights of New York or traversing across the U.S.A.'s great deserts.

Rail travel is a fantastic way to take in all the sights and experiences of this expansive land. Amtrak offers comfortable, reliable and wonderfully scenic rail travel across America. Read on to discover two of the best Amtrak routes and why rail travel is the ideal way to experience a taste of the American dream.


The Acela Express: New York to Washington and vice-versa

Travel in comfort on the Acela Express

The rail journey from the Big Apple to The White House is a fantastic way to sample Americas most iconic sights. One way to take this journey is aboard the high-speed Acela Express, which travels at speeds up to 240km/h.

This route runs from Boston - New Haven - New York - Philadelphia - Baltimore - Washington DC or vice-versa and offers hourly services during peak morning and afternoon rush hours.

A trip on the Acela Express is the ultimate experience in American train travel; instead of standard class, passengers can book business or first class seats, with superior comfort, amenities, and professional service.


As a business class passenger, you will enjoy excellent services and amenities, as well as complimentary access to The New York Times and Washington Post digital newspapers: the perfect way to catch up on American news and current events as you traverse from city to city.

In first class, passengers enjoy complimentary food and beverage services, comfortable seating and access to the exclusive ClubAcela lounges at various stations including New York Penn Station and Washington DC Union Station.

The Jefferson Memorial during the Cherry Blossom Festival
Washington D.C. Jefferson Memorial during Cherry Blossom Festival

A ride on the  Acela Express will give you access to some of Americas most iconic landmarks, such as Times Square and the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Freedom Trail in Boston and of course The White House and the Abraham Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

Alternatively, if you are after a more affordable train ticket, you can visit all these incredible sights on one of the Northeast Regional lines.


The incredibly scenic Coast Starlight: Seattle - Portland - Los Angeles

Another fantastic train route is the Coast Starlight, which runs between Los Angeles and Seattle, passing through the iconic San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Barbara, Sacramento, and Portland. This train route is regarded as one of the most spectacular American train routes and showcases the beautiful landscapes of the West Coast such as lush forests, fertile valleys, and the stunning shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. When temperatures drop, you will bear witness to the dramatic snow-covered peaks of Mount Shasta and the Cascade Range.

As a passenger on this wonderful 35-hour train journey, you will enjoy checked baggage and feature movies, and there are a variety of different accommodation options to choose from, each with corresponding facilities.

If you do not wish to book a sleeper cabin, there are also extra-spacious reserved coach seats, with included leg rests, fold-down trays and reading lamps to ensure your journey is comfortable and relaxing. This train is equipped with a sightseer lounge car, kiddie car and pacific parlour car for your comfort and convenience, so you can enjoy all the beautiful scenes of America's West Coast in perfect relaxation.

From bustling cities to mountainous landscapes dotted with moose and bears, you can make the most of every moment of the journey to drink in American life, scenery and nature. While you admire the passing vistas you can complete your U.S. experience by indulging in American cuisine as you taste regional specialties and local wines during the trip.

Coast Starlight amtrak
Coast Starlight Amtrak Train

Why travel by plane, when an Amtrak train can take you from city centre to city centre, meaning there's no need to arrange transport downtown, and you arrive feeling rested and ready to begin exploring.

Superior comfort, friendly service, and full amenities at affordable prices are just a few of the reasons why travellers choose Amtrak.  You may even meet some new friends along the way. Your journey can be just as enjoyable and rewarding as the experience that awaits you at your destination.

To learn more about Amtrak's best-loved trains, head to our U.S.A. train tickets page or contact our American Rail experts.

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