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Top 3 things to see on your train trip in Italy

Train travel in Italy
Train travel in Italy

Welcome to Italy by rail! If you get it right, travelling in the bel paese (beautiful country) is best seen by train. The French may brag about the romance of Paris, but Italy's well known delicious cuisine and rich culture has an allure unto its own. All you'll need is a suitcase of necessities and a rail pass to help you get around on a whim.

You can always partake in the usual tourist activities - there's a reason why they are extremely popular all year round. However, if you're after something of a different fashion than the typical attractions of Italy, there's an abundance of out-of-the-box endeavours to tickle your fancy.

Here are a few extraordinary things you can do in Italy.

Visit the monsters under your bed in stone form.Visit the monsters under your bed in stone form.


Visit the monsters of Bomarzo

See the monsters under their bed materialised in stone form! The Park of Monsters is a place filled with sculptures that were created in the 16th century. If you're after a photo with a terrifying fish-head, Bomarzo is your stop.

It appeared a tragic love story was behind the formation of this park - Romeo and Juliet anyone? These unique statues were commissioned by Prince Pier Franceso Orsini (also known as Vicino) in 1552. Grieving with the recent death of his wife, the Prince hired architect Pirro Ligorio to help him build a "Villa of Wonders". 



Many famous artists, such as Salvador Dali, have set foot in this park. Imagine the hours of fun gallivanting around other great artist's inspiration and see the giant stone carvings of beasts from Ligorio's imagination.

Bomarzo is found in the province of Viterbo, just north of Rome. When in the Eternal City, all it takes is a short train ride with an Italian rail pass in hand to spend your day with these cold-hearted beasts.

Stop off during your holiday and dance for a night or two.Stop off during your holiday and dance for a night or two.

Dance with friendly folk at the Carpino Folk Festival

Even though your train will provide ample leg room, it's natural after sitting for a while to want to roam around. Perhaps learn some Italian dancing during a intriguing festival. If you're travelling in early August, you definitely need to hop on over to Carpino for their folk festival.

This dancing tradition has been going on since 1996, and is held in the heart of Gargano. Free entry to the event, as well as the beautiful surroundings bring in thousands of people from all over the world just to join in the hub of vivacious activity. 

Plan your travel to Carpino by taking the train. The experience on-board a local train to Carpino will take your breath away, literally and figuratively. This is a festivity that conquers the whole city of vintage stone steps and a collection of quaint pastel-coloured abodes. Join in a dance or two and let Italy's finest folk music whisk you away on a night or two to remember for a lifetime.

Venture down into the Valley of the Mills

This valley of Sorrento was created by a volcanic earthquake around 36,000 years ago.

It'd be the perfect setting for an apocalyptic movie to take place, filled with zombies and ghosts and anything else that roams your imagination. The Valley of the Mills is a deep chasm with an abandoned wheat mill that sits amidst lush forests in Sorrento, Campania.

Visiting this place offers a different view, a step away from the modern train which delivered you there. It's nature at it's finest, mixed in with long-forgotten technology of the past. The flour mill sits next to a sawmill which supplied cabinet makers up until the early 20th century. 

It's quite a humid, isolated place where Mother Nature runs rampant, and is eerily beautiful to behold.

If you feel like adopting any of the above places into your itinerary, the expert team at Rail Plus can help you purchase an Italian Rail Pass. Contact us for bespoke travel advice.

Trains are the best way to get around the picturesque scenes of Italy.Trains are the best way to get around the picturesque scenes of Italy.

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