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Welcome to the castle capital of the world!

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic

A country you will surely find magical as you discover the countless gems of history, unique monuments, modern architecture to experiencing the diverse countryside that is protected in national parks and protected landscape areas. You will have the time of your life in The Czech Republic as you experience the land and people who surely know how to live.


The low down on The Czech Republic 

czech republic
Loket Castle

If the walls of the Czech Republic's immaculately preserved gothic castles and baroque chateaux could talk they might reveal how, after so many political upheavals, this country's abundant historical architecture has survived unscathed. History here is manifest and the past is very much alive.

Sitting in a vast landlocked basin the Republic is interspersed with fairy-tale castles and medieval towns. Fringed by a border of biscuit tin mountain ranges, Czech Republic provides a paradise for summer hiking and winter sports.

In the countryside, life is reminiscent of the early Twentieth-Century rather than the Twenty-First. Town after town in Bohemia and Moravia retains its old medieval quarter, and even the wooden architecture of Slovakia has survived beyond expectation.

There are 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites towns including the picture-postcard town of eský Krumlov, the Renaissance architecture of Tel and the historic core of Prague.

Prague bridges the Vltava River. The imposing castle houses its ramparts oversee the mythical skyline of architectural styles spanning the ages from gothic to cubist.

The dynamic music and arts scene, is just one of Prague's many assets confirming her reputation as the world's most beautiful and cultured city an inspiration to the likes of natives, composer Antonin Dvorak and writer Franz Kafka.

From the old German towns in the west to the Hungarian and Rusyn villages of Eastern Slovakia the Republic is a microcosm central European culture.

czech republic
Vltava river. Prague

Among the Republics natural wonders is the UNESCO biosphere of Šumava National Park, at the headwaters of Vltava with superb cycling and hiking in summer and cross country skiing in the winter.

Wolf Gorge walking track connects the weird and wonderful pinnacles of the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks where travellers make photos and climbers make like lizards over cliff faces.

Climbing is also an option in the deep valleys and limestone gorges of the Moravian Karst. Although most people head underground.

Over 1,000 caves wind for 35 kilometres beneath the earth. Diggings in the Kolna Cave have found evidence of the oldest Neanderthal settlement dating back 120,000 years.

There is a staggering 48,000-kilometre network of colour-coded walking paths that traverse Bohemia's lush rolling hills, the Danube basin plains and the granite peaks of the alpine Tatras, providing everything from a gentle stroll to a serious trek.

Twelve natural springs supply Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) its restorative waters. The town dates back to around 1350 and was promoted by the Roman Emperor and Czech King Charles IV in 1370.

The Czech's are serious about their beer, there are over 470 different types brewed here and the traditional serving comes in a half litre glass! The brewery town of PlzeH is the home of pilsner lager which was first brewed in 1842. 



Train network in Czech Republic 

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Trains in Czech Republic

The national railway network of Czech Republic is made up of over 9,000 km of tracks. eské dráhy also known as Czech Railways is the national railway operator in Czech Republic. Major cities which are also main travel hubs are Prague, BYeclav and Ostrava.

Older trains serve the Czech Railways routes which link into the international EuroCity network providing direct connections to/from Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary. Major cities which are also main travel hubs are Prague, BYeclav and Ostrava.


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