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What sights can you seek out on the legendary Ghan?

The Ghan - Experience Elizabeth River at Dusk
The Ghan - Experience Elizabeth River at Dusk

Just looking at a map of the incredible journey onboard The Ghan train is enough to make you pack your bags and head to the station. . Starting out on the southern coast, the train follows a path from Adelaide, traipsing its way through the Barossa Valley before the scenery changes to vibrant oranges and reds of the Red Centre. The landscape eventually gives way to the tropical hues of the Top End, as The Ghan arrives at its final destination of Darwin.

You'll experience 2,979 kilometres of contrasting sights and regions of Australia as you pass through onboard The Ghan

The Ghan
The Ghan


Maybe you'd like to embark on the journey in the opposite direction starting in the northern tropics traveling south through the uninhabited wilderness before arriving into Adelaide - it's completely up to you. If you also don't want to partake on the entire route, you also have this option too.

If you're thinking of exploring Australia by rail, The Ghan represents the ultimate in scenery, longevity, and sheer reputation - there really is nothing quite like it.    

With so much to take in during your time on the Ghan, it can be difficult to know what to look out for. With many extraordinary destinations, natural wonders and man-made monuments vying for your attention as the train cuts through the core of Australia.

Find out which of these you should have your camera ready for: 

Man in Mine Tunnel, Coober Pedy
Man in Mine Tunnel, Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy

The Ghan Expedition four day tour includes a full day in Coober Pedy, the sun-scorched opal mining capital of the world. Prepare for excitement when the train stops at Manguri, as you aren't far from the famous settlement of Coober Pedy.  

During the summer months, the daytime temperature of this town rarely falls below 35 degrees Celsius, sometimes breaking the searing 40 barrier, according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Did you know that more than half of Coober Pedy's residents live underground?

It's the heat! As one of Australia's major underground opal mines, digging came naturally to early residents of Coober Pedy, so situating the town underground to escape the heat makes perfect sense! Join the world's premier opal-mining communities and explore the underground, where a network of tunnels lead to subterranean shops, cafes and houses.

The Ghan's Taste of the Top End package includes a full day tour of Coober Pedy on Day 6 of the 7day/6 night journey.

Iron Man

You'll spot many weird and wonderful artworks on the Ghan, and the Iron Man sculpture as you head of out of Kulgera is one of the most pertinent. Have your camera ready to snap a photo of the Iron Man built to commemorate the lying of the millionth track sleep of the Ghan's long path, which also pays tribute to the many workers that built the line way back in the 1970s.

Tennant Creek

It's no secret that Australia is a large country, but to gain a real sense of the scale, step off at Tennant Creek. The centre of Australia's gold-mining heart, this area just keeps on going - there are cattle stations here the size of Belgium.

Whether you choose to travel up to tropical Darwin or down to the wine capital of Adelaide, the sights onboard the legendary Ghan will deliver a true appreciation of iconic Australian, far beyond expectations.


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