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Why a trip on Belmond British Pullman is the perfect escape from London

Belmond British Pullman Hero
Belmond British Pullman Hero

When you holiday in a big cosmopolitan city like London there’s never a dull moment with innumerable experiences and sights to seek out every hour of the day or night. However, sometimes the endless variables of a big city can become overwhelming and make you crave life at a simpler, slower pace. For those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of London for a day, a trip aboard the vintage Belmond British Pullman luxury train is the perfect antidote to big city life.


Taking luxury rail travel to a whole new level, the Belmond British Pullman lets you step back in time to the opulent 1920s, when train travel was done in serious style. You’ll leave behind 21st century London the moment you step into one of the Art Deco carriages, and from there, you’ll get to while away the day taking in bucolic English scenery, dining on gourmet cuisine and reliving the golden age of rail travel. This week, we take a look at five reasons why a journey on Belmond British Pullman is the perfect daytrip from London.

Belmond British Dining cart social 850 ONpage
Indulge in fine dining and great company in the heritage dining cart. 
Belmond dining carriage onpage 380
Belmond chefs have reinvented modern British cuisine. 


Generic plane and train cuisine is notoriously bad, but it wasn’t always this way. Back in the days before travel was all about economy and speed, people celebrated the journey and held in as high esteem as the destination.

The luxury fine dining aboard the Belmond British Pullman takes the spirit of that age and transmutes it into a modern dining experience that rivals the best restaurants in London.

Taking delicacies from all over the British Isles,  chefs create innovative seasonal dishes that harmonise with the verdant landscapes the train travels through. Expect classic British dishes such as pea soup, roast lamb, and rhubarb tart reinvented with fresh local ingredients and modern techniques.

Leeds Castle Kent 850 Onpage (1)
Leeds Castle in Kent is one of the county's iconic landmarks.
Herne Bay Onpage 380 (1)
Beach huts look out over Herne Bay in Kent.

Bucolic landscapes

England is famous for it’s watercolour landscapes and Belmond British Pullman offers you the opportunity to travel through some of the best on it’s route through the county of Kent, which is often called the garden of England.

Situated on the South East coast of England, Kent offers a wide array of landscapes ranging from forests carpeted with bluebells through to the famous White Cliffs of Dover.

Aboard Belmond British Pullman, you’ll have the chance to take in Kent’s famous bucolic landscapes and seaside panoramas as well as a few of it’s most famous historical sites such as Leeds Castle, the cathedral city of Canterbury, and the vineyards of Hush Heath Estate.

Belmond train greeting staff Onpage 850
Expect a warm welcome and old world service aboard the Belmond. 
Belmond train 380 onpage
Travelling through the lush English countryside. 


With a history stretching back nearly a century, it will come as little surprise to know that the carriages of Belmond British Pullman are brimming with stories from the past. The Pullman carriages once travelled the famous Golden Arrow line connecting London and Dover from 1926, and The Brighton Belle line between London and Brighton, which began running in 1875.

During that time, the carriages have been graced with British royalty including Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and Princess Anne. One carriage was even used as Winston Churchill’s funeral train in 1965.

During the first phase of ‘The Blitz’ in 1940, London’s Victoria Station was hit numerous times by German air raids and some of the Pullman carriages including Audrey and Vera were damaged by bombs and had to be restored. Rest assured whichever carriage you happen to travel in during your trip on Belmond British Pullman, history will abound.


Belmond train carriage marquetry onpage 850
Elaborate marquetry and origional brass luggage racks are some of the Art Deco design elements that give the Belmond it's unique look. 
Belmond passenger carriage onpage 380
One of the refurbished Art Deco carriages. 

Art Deco design

Belmond uses heritage Pullman dining and lounge cars which were built between the 1920s and 1950s. Governed by a distinct Art Deco design, the carriages display the streamlined modernist sensibilities, fine craftsmanship and opulent materials that characterise this elegant aesthetic movement.

Key Deco design features in the Pullman carriages include marquetry featuring elaborate designs such as antelope leaping between palm trees, Greek dancing girls and flowers, ornate panelling using exotic woods such as American cherrywood and Australian walnut, freizes, prints and strip lights.




Mention the words 1920s train travel and the first thing that comes to mind for many people is Agatha Christie’s classic detective novel Murder on the Orient Express. For those with a passion for old fashioned sleuth work, Belmond British Pullman has designed a Murder Mystery Lunch where diners get the opportunity to immerse themselves in a tangled web of intrigue, betrayal and murder. As the sister train to the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, Belmond British Pullman is the perfect setting for an afternoon of detective work as engrossing and surprising as one of Ms Christie’s novels.        

Belmond dining carriage service 850 onpage
Solve a murder mystery over lunch on the Belmond. 

If you like the idea of stepping back in time for a day to the opulent golden age of rail travel, then Rail Plus Great Train Journeys department offers three different daytrip ticketing options aboard Belmond British Pullman. Click here to book a heritage rail journey you’ll never forget.

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