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Why is the train travel is the best way to travel Europe

Why is the train travel is the best way to travel Europe...
Why is the train travel is the best way to travel Europe...

Why is travelling Europe by train the finest way to experience this historic continent?

To many, exploring Europe may seem a far-off dream. However, in these days of instant communication, value-for-money travel and open borders, experiencing Europe is something that's feasible for everyone.

Travelling Europe by train offers an experience unlike any other. If convenience, affordability and accessibility aren't enough to take you to the rails, then the cultural experience and stunning scenery will surely win your over. If you are visiting multiple countries in Europe, it's worth looking into a Eurail Pass. This flexible rail pass, allows the bearer to visit well over 28 countries with just a single pass.

TGV -French scenery through cornfields
TGV France's high speed train

The best way to Explore Europe is by train

There are few finer ways to travel than watching the exquisite European countryside rush on by as you recline in your train carriage. Trains are the most popular way to travel Europe's diverse countries. From high-speed trains such as Eurostar, Thalys or TGV and scenic trains like the infamous Glacier Express to local inter-city trains known as ICE, Trenitalia and Italo (Italy) and RENFE (Spain), trains are the backbone of European travel.

It doesn't matter whether you take a slow, scenic train through the mountains of Switzerland or the high-speed TGV in France - each route offers a unique experience. That's because, onboard a train, you become fully immersed in your journey and feel more connected to your surroundings - travelling by rail is a beautiful experience in itself.


The Reach of the Rails in Europe is Extensive

Europe's rail network is one of the most comprehensive in the world. The 28 countries included by the various Eurail Passes cover 250,000 kilometres of rail track which criss-cross the continent. Laid end-to-end, that track would reach two-thirds of the way to the Moon. Though these lines are managed by a host of different companies, with a Eurail Pass in hand, you can travel unrestricted from country to country, station to station.

eurail map mid size


Unlimited train travel, across a huge number of European countries

Unlike standard train tickets, you aren't limited to just one train route with the Eurail Pass. For example, with Eurail Global Pass, you can explore up to 28 countries on just the one Pass. Choose from 15 days in one month if you prefer a faced paced trip, or a long three months if you want to stretch your holiday out a bit longer. 

Perhaps you want to experience a fewer number of countries in a little more depth - if so, the Eurail Select Pass is the one for you. This one allows you visit two, three or four adjoining countries out of a possible 26 - if they share a border, chances are, you can go there!

Take the train... again, again and again

Depending on your Eurail Pass, you have the flexibility to travel on any day at any time. For example, when travelling Eastern Europe, from Berlin to Prague by rail you may board the train without reserving a seat.  

booking europe trains


In contrast, some trains (high speed and overnight) and countries require a compulsory seat reservation. These include France (TGV), Italy (Italy High-speed trainsSwiss - Italy Eurocity & France - Italy TGV), Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg (Thalys), Swiss scenic trains such as Bernina Express and Spain (Alvia, Alaris, Altaria, Euromed and AVE). Having a Eurail pass means you have access to discounted seat reservations.

Rail Plus recommends that you secure your seat before you travel to avoid sold out trains or queuing at the train station before you depart. You can reserve your seat with us on our live booking engine. Simply enter your departure and arrival city along with the date and time.

Mix in with the locals

When you travel by train, you're able to move up and down the carriage and mingle with other passengers, unlike on an aircraft, or even a bus. Therefore, you have every chance to converse with local people on their morning commute, or other like-minded travellers as you bond over the local cuisine.

You may well be able to find out things about the country that aren't listed in any guide book - hidden gems and other local knowledge that you just can't get anywhere else.

TGV 2nd class


Green machines

In this environmentally conscious day and age, train travel is one of the greenest ways to get about of them all. Many of Europe's tracks are electrified, cutting out the need for the diesel engines of old. This keeps carbon emissions to a minimum, especially when compared to aeroplanes, cars and buses, so you'll be help saving the planet as you explore, too! 

Gare du Nord in Paris
Gare du Nord in Paris

Station to station

With a Eurail Pass, you can reach practically any town or city in Europe. Unlike airports, which are typically found at least half an hour's taxi ride from city centre, trains are able to take you right into the heart of your chosen destination. This means that you'll save money on taxi fares, as well as time better spent exploring and seeing the sights.

Safe, sound and reliable

The European rail network has an enviable safety record. You won't have to worry about fatigue that could come with endless hours of driving, nor will you have to cope with the anxiety that can often come with catching flights. Additionally, European trains are renowned for their reliability and punctuality - they rarely break down.


Eurail Pass 2016
Eurail Pass 2016 

What are the benefits of a Rail Pass over a train ticket?

When you purchase a Rail Pass from Rail Plus, it's not just a piece of paper that you're buying. You'll receive expert advice from experienced travel professionals - we love exploring the world by rail and collectively have visited more than 50 countries worldwide!

This means that we can give first-hand information about where you can go and what you can see by rail. We enjoy providing inspiration about what to do once you get there and we can even help you put together the perfect itinerary.

Be sure to get in touch with the team at Rail Plus to help plan your European rail adventure. Whether by phone, our website or email, we look forward to hearing from you!


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