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Why is train travel a better option than other transport?

Train travel in France and Switzerland
Train travel in France and Switzerland

Taking the rails in Europe is the finest way to see it. If convenience, stunning scenery and cost isn't enough to win you over, let's take a look at how it compares to planes, coaches and cars.


Trains versus planes

Unlike airports, which are often situated several kilometres outside of their name city, Europe's train stations are typically located right in the heart of town. Using a budget airline can be equally detrimental to your travel experience. As previously mentioned, airports are almost always located outside their city, meaning that you'll have to wait to start exploring and experiencing your destination - as well as incurring the extra costs that come with hiring a taxi.

Of course, there are luggage weight restraints included with plane travel (unless you want to pay extra) and you'll often have to fork out for extra services that would typically come as standard when travelling by train. You're also limited by what actual items you can take on board an aeroplane, such as fluids and other products. Finally, we don't need to tell you how irritating it can be having to check-in hours before your flight - with rail, there is little waiting around, just hop on and go!


Train Route Train Duration Train
London - Paris 2h 15m Eurostar
Madrid - Barcelona 2h 38m AVE
Florence - Rome 1h Frecciarossa
Brussels - Cologne 1h 34m Thalys
Paris - Avignon 2 h 40m TGV


Trains versus coaches

On the buses, fixed stops can impede your travelling range due to their limited route, meaning that you may not get to see everything that you want to. You'll be constrained as to how much luggage you can bring along, and, on the roads of Europe, traffic jams and other external factors can severely slow the pace of travel. Who wants to spend hours stuck in traffic when you could be cruising through the countryside in a comfortable, modern train? 


Gare du Nord in Paris
Gare du Nord Station in Paris' center

No pain on the train

A comprehensive, comfortable network

Europe is home to one of the most advanced, comprehensive rail networks on the planet. The land is crisscrossed with some 250,000 kilometres of interconnected railways, which allow quick and efficient travel from one country to the next - all whilst enjoying the view from your comfortable carriage seat.

This means that you won't be wasting valuable exploring time arranging and waiting for expensive taxis - you'll arrive right in the heart of the city. All you'll have to do is walk out of the station and straight into town, so you can get right down to discovering the history and culture.


Europe is home to one of the most advanced, comprehensive rail networks on the planet.


italian trains
Train travelling in Italy


Enjoy a scenic journey and cultural experience.

There are plenty of luxuries onboard trains. You can enjoy a three-course meal as your train crosses the continent, or perhaps embrace your inner photographer and get a few Insta-worthy snaps to brighten up your travel feed.

From a train window, you can admire French lavender fields whizz past onboard a super fast TGV, travelling from Paris to Marseille. Or perhaps you'd prefer a slower pace on board the Glacier Express. This infamous Swiss train slowly crawls from St Moritz to Zermatt passing around 300 bridges, 90 tunnels and a plethora of picture perfect lakes.

Scenic trains in Europe and top train routes

      Swiss scenic trains       Italian scenic routes       French scenic routes       German scenic routes
  Glacier Express  

TGV from Paris to Nice

Black Forest Line, Germany

  Bernina Express   TGV from Montpellier to Nice Rhine Valley Line, Germany
  Golden Pass      


Golden Pass Between Zweisimmen and Montreux
The Golden Pass travelling between Zweisimmen and Montreux


Eurail pass


Ease and flexibility with a Eurail Pass

When you travel by train using the Eurail Pass, you can enjoy enormous flexibility when it comes to creating your own itinerary.

Because you aren't constrained by the roads or the air, there are thousands of route options for you to choose across Europe's comprehensive rail network.

Be sure to get in touch with Rail Plus today to find out more about our range of Eurail passes. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and can help get the ball rolling on your grand European adventure.  

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